Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings in Canada
Diamond Engagement Rings in Canada

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When choosing the best diamond engagement rings, one must pay as much attention to the ring band as the shape of the diamond. You cannot choose a better metal than platinum, gold comes after. for both offer compelling benefits, promising a satisfactory return and value for money.

Gold is the best option for those who prefer a yellow ring band for the base of their precious sparkling stone. Naturally, white platinum is an unbeatable choice for others who love a white base to complement their sparkling diamond. You can find a range of diamond engagement rings at Diamonds-USA.

Platinum and gold do not differ much in terms of pricing and durability too. With that said, let’s turn our attention to the best shapes for your diamond engagement rings in gold or platinum.




 Known as the Round Brilliant diamond rings they are the most popular choice among couples, because of their unmatched brilliance. This cut makes a diamond that is more prized than others. Time and again, round-cut diamonds have proved to own the maximum luminance, comprising 58 facets for optimizing light reflection. They are also the most expensive shape.

75% of the markets today consist of round-cut brilliant diamonds, which fetch the highest prices in comparison to their counterparts.

2. Oval


Oval-cut diamond lovers will testify to the exceptional brilliance and the contemporary air surrounding it. Oval-cut diamonds are also the second-most popular choice among diamond engagement rings because they emphasize personal style and size.

This particular shape is also more moderately priced comparatively. Hence, those seeking diamond rings with a decent benefit-cost ratio will find this an excellent choice. To date, the most expensive diamond that ever went out of an auction is the Pink Star, an oval-cut diamond engagement ring with a 59.6-carat size.


It sold for a little more than seventy million dollars this year, a jaw-dropping price. You can find something fascinating too in the diamond engagement rings at Diamonds-USA.com.

3.Princess Cut

3.Princess Cut

You can consider the princess-cut diamond as a modern take on the classic round cut. It is a famous alternative to the most demanded round-cut diamonds. Perhaps the exceptional light dispersion qualities of the princess cut and its affordability make it a leading choice among diamond engagement rings.

This cut typically features inverted pyramids having beveled sides. In a princess-cut diamond, you will find no compromise on brilliance or fanciness despite the moderate pricing of the stone. The artistic cut also cleverly conceals the diamond’s shadows and minor inclusions.

4. Marquise Diamond

4. Marquise Diamond

They say marquise-cut diamonds possess tons of historical romance, and we have to agree. The cut makes for a powerful presence among diamond rings, making them stand out in the crowd. Perhaps it has its fascinating elongated shape to thank for it, what with striking pointed ends captivating the attention of all who behold.

The beauty of marquise-cut diamonds is that one can set them horizontally or vertically as they like. When shopping for diamond engagement rings, you may also consider adding marquise diamonds as accent side stones.

Regardless of whichever cut you choose, as long as you pick a gold or platinum ring band setting for your stone, you’ll have a long-lasting treasure to cherish.

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