Diamond Plated Toolboxes

Diamond Plated Toolboxes

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Why are truck toolboxes frequently diamond plated? Sometimes it’s just the top, but often the entire box features a distinctive diamond plating pattern. This type of surface pattern isn’t exclusive to toolboxes; you can see it on a variety of metal objects. The pattern is applied to aluminum, steel, or stainless steel using a hot roller. Have you ever wondered what the advantages are of this textured surface? Here are three possible explanations.

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Adding a diamond pattern to metal adds traction and makes the surface non-slip and non-skid. That’s why you’ll see it on walkways, steps, and ramps. Why does a stainless underbody tool box need a non-slip surface? Have you ever needed to stand on your full-sized bed box in order to wash your vehicle or secure cargo to the roof? If so, you’ve benefited from the additional traction under your feet. It also helps items stay more secure when attached to the top of the box.


The extra grip provided by the textured surface makes a lot of tasks easier. Metal is slippery when wet, but a diamond-plated surface is easier to handle in the rain or snow. Having that textured surface makes opening the door of your toolbox while wearing gloves in the rain much less frustrating. 

The patterned surface also makes installing toolboxes easier and more secure. A stainless underbody toolbox with a diamond-patterned surface isn’t going anywhere.


That diamond plating isn’t just functional; it also looks really attractive. The raised texture adds a distinctly industrial style and character to any toolbox. Where a smooth-sided box will likely go unnoticed, a diamond-plated surface makes an eye-catching statement. And it’s easier to keep the surface looking its best when there’s texture. Smooth surfaces show every scratch and dent and require constant cleaning and polishing to keep them looking good. A diamond-textured surface can be quickly refreshed with a simple wipe down.

The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in adding function and style to your truck, a diamond-patterned truck toolbox is a way to go. You’ll love the storage space and the ability to access your essentials easily, and you’ll love how great the box looks. Keep all your gear stowed safely and securely in a heavy-duty, rugged, great-looking diamond plated truck toolbox. Stop letting your gear float aimlessly around in your truck bed, potentially damaging the tools and your truck. 

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