Diesel Generator vs Gasoline: What You Should Know

Diesel Generator vs Gasoline

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Did you know that Floridians were without power for an entire week when Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on the state? As storms become more and more powerful due to climate change, it’s important to make sure you have a diesel backup generator. They also have generators that are powered by gasoline. Are you wondering which one is worth your hard-earned money? Keep reading to learn all about a diesel generator vs gasoline.

The Pros of Diesel Over Gasoline

Whether or not you purchase the best diesel generator, you’ll be glad to know that these types of generators tend to be the most fuel-efficient. During an emergency scenario, you can have peace of mind knowing that the amount of fuel you have will last much longer even though it’s a bit more expensive.

Not only are diesel engines more durable than others, but they also don’t require as much maintenance. This means that the engine will tend to last longer too, even if it’s a used diesel generator.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, a diesel generator can also handle a bigger amount of power.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a new one, then you should check out these used diesel generators for sale.

To get the most out of your generator, don’t forget to clean it on a regular basis. It’s also important to drain and change the fuel, oil, and coolant.

The Cons of Diesel Over Gasoline

When it comes to a diesel generator for sale versus a gasoline one, a diesel engine tends to be noisier. However, you can reduce the racket by soundproofing the area where you store the diesel generator. You can even put it outside in its own enclosed space.

Since diesel engines are so sturdy and durable, they’re also quite bulky. This can make it a challenge to transport it somewhere, especially if it’s a long distance.

Another downside of diesel engines is they aren’t environmentally friendly. If you only use them for emergency situations, then it shouldn’t expand your carbon footprint by too much.

Diesel generators are more expensive at first, which some may see as a drawback. Despite this, it’s worth remembering the low cost of maintenance and the long run-time that the fuel will give you. Looking at it that way, the cost ends up saving you money over time.

Ready to Choose Between a Diesel Generator Vs Gasoline

Now that you’ve learned all about a diesel generator vs gasoline, you can decide which one will suit your needs the best. That way, you’ll always be covered in the event of an emergency. Simply put, everyone should have at least one generator, if not more.

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