DIY Hacks for Blocked Drain

DIY Hacks for Blocked Drain
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There’s bound to be a mess of troubles with the excess usage of kitchen products in a household. The most common problem in any household related to the kitchen is blocked drains. We often see that our kitchen sinks are clogged and blocked with the different amounts of waste there, like food, hair, oil, etc. 

When these wastes solidify, it can cause a major blockage of the entire drainage system in a household. If not treated fast, this blockage can cause a lot of trouble later, so it is often that people search around for DIY hacks for helping them with blocked drains. 

Companies like PJN Plumbing will be able to determine the exact problem and provide a solution by cleaning and servicing blocked drains in Abbotsford.

DIY Hacks for Blocked Drain

Boiling Water

One of the most efficient ways to unclog a blocked drain is to use boiling water. One should boil some water and pour it into the clogged drain and then wait for the drain to unclog. But ensure that you do not pour extreme boiling water as it might melt your PVC plumbing pipes.  

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Another useful tactic for unclogging drains is using a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Both these ingredients are known to be very effective for unclogging drains. When one pours this solution into the drain, they should let it stay for a while, preferably overnight, so that the clogged drain can be unclogged. 

Hook with Wire Hanger

Another effective hack for the blocked drain is to create or buy a wire hanger with a hook. These wires are generally available in the market for one to buy, but they can be made at home with a wire and a hook if it isn’t available. The wire hanger is inserted into the drain to take out the waste manually and unblock the drain. Companies like PJN Plumbing help in unclogging blocked drains in Abbotsford.

Clean the Pipe

Another effective way to unblock the drain is by cleaning the pipe. One can remove the pipe and empty all the waste contents in the bucket; one can use a small brush or toothbrush to scrub all the waste attached to the middle of the pipe. 

Vinegar and Salt

Another effective solution for unclogging blocked drains is to use a solution of vinegar and salt. This solution is said to be very effective and easy to implement. When one pours the solution into the drain, let it sit for about 30 minutes, and then repeat the action if necessary. 


Therefore these were some of the easiest and most effective DIY hacks that could help in unclogging all types of blocked drains. Various companies specialize in this sector, PJN Plumbing being one of the examples wherein it helps its clients in unclogging blocked drains in Abbotsford. To conclude, unclogging blocked drains is highly necessary and is important no matter what way you choose natural ingredients or with the help of appliances.