Do Fusion Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Fusion Hair Extensions

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Fusion Hair Extensions is one of the most popular extension methods that can transform any hairstyle. You can make your hair longer or more voluminous to always look gorgeous.

Are Fusion Hair Extensions Safe for Your Hair?

Extensions should not do any harm to the health of the hair. Many girls are afraid that hair extensions may damage their natural strands.

To protect yourself and your health, you should:

  • Find an experienced hair stylist who knows all the features of this technique. If done correctly, fusion hair extensions is one of the safest methods to change your hairstyle.
  • Purchase quality material (virgin Slavic hair for thin natural strands and Russian hair for denser curls).

High-quality natural hair extensions undergo delicate processing that excludes the use of aggressive chemicals. Thanks to this, the hair cuticles remain sealed. The hairs are hand-laid in the direction of their growth. 

To buy quality hair for extensions that will not harm your natural hair and will make the styling even better, visit the I Love Slavic Hair online store. On the website of this Canadian brand you can purchase fusion hair extensions with hand-made standard-size bonds (1 gram per strand) and micro bonds (0.6-0.8 grams per strand). TOP stylists of North America prefer to use these products in their work.

To be sure of the perfect result, you need to know what else can damage your natural locks:

  1. The stylist uses too heavy extensions. This can weaken the roots of the hair and lead to their loss. 
  2. The stylist does not know the technique. For example, the bonds are fixed too close to the scalp. Because of this, you may feel discomfort while wearing such a styling, and also it can lead to damage and fall out of strands.
  3. Failure to follow care recommendations can also result in natural strands damaging. 

How Long Can You Keep Fusion Hair Extensions In?

Note: you can feel some discomfort during the first few days after the extensions procedure. 

Then you can lead the usual way of life: do your favorite hairstyles, exercise, go to work or have fun at parties. 

Now everyone will look with delight at your beautiful hair!

Untimely reapplication procedures can also lead to tangling and damaging of the natural hair. 

We recommend not to neglect this procedure and do regular maintenance (every 3 months).

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