Dogs With the Bow-Wow Factor: 9 Breeds With Unique Coats

Dogs With the Bow-Wow Factor: 9 Breeds With Unique Coats

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fter several millennia of domestication, there are hundreds of dazzling dog breeds worldwide. Some dogs have a reputation for their snout lengths or tail shapes, while others have jaw-dropping pelts of fur. Here are nine breeds that put the covet in covet-worthy coats.

English Cream Golden Retrievers 

When most people imagine a Golden Retriever, they usually picture a deep blonde coat that glows in the sunlight. However, the English Cream variant has soft, cream-colored white fur, setting them apart from your average Retriever. 

Anyone looking for a family-friendly dog with a beautiful coat may want to consider adopting one or two English Cream Golden Retriever puppies. Not only are these dogs beautiful, but they are great with kids. 

Irish Red Setter 

While you’ll never find a dog as red as Clifford, the Irish Red Setter is the next best thing. 

These dogs have long, vibrant ginger coats. Many people compare their pelts to the color of mahogany wood. Like the English Cream Golden Retrievers, Irish Red Setters also make excellent family dogs. 

Merle Australian Shepherd 

The Merle Australian Shepherd has a truly photo-worthy coat of fur. Its white, black, grey, and brown pelt is reminiscent of a snow-covered mountainside. 

However, this beautiful fur comes with some responsibility. Australian Shepherds require frequent grooming, so if you want to keep their coats looking shiny-clean, you’ll need to brush them at least once per week. 

Panda German Shepherd 

The Panda German Shepherd has a piebald-colored coat of fur, giving them a slightly different look from your average German Shepherd. 

These dogs often have patches of black fur around their eyes, creating a “mask” that reminds some people of a panda. 

Though Panda Shepherds look much different from a standard German Shepherd, they’re not a separate breed. In reality, Pandas are merely regular German Shepherds with a rare coloring mutation. 


The Bergamasco is one dog that genuinely stands out in a crowd. It’s safe to say that this breed has one of the most unusual coats on this list.  

Unlike most dogs, which generally have uniform fur, the Bergamasco has three different hair textures. As a result, their hair forms little bundles, or “flocks.” 

As dogs native to the Italian Alps, these unique coats developed as a way to trap in warmth year-round. 

Some people worry that a dog with this hair type would be high-maintenance, but the Bergamasco’s pelt is actually quite hygienic. As a result, people who own these dogs will need to bathe them no more than twice per year. 


Like the Bergamasco, the Puli dog has a fur texture that resembles dreadlocks. The Puli’s unique appearance makes them a standard star of dog shows. 

The Puli’s fur is quite dense, and it helps trap in heat during the cold months. These Hungarian dogs can come in white, black, or various shades of silver-grey. 

Although they are common show dogs, the Puli is quite agile and bursting with energy. Those looking for a dog to accompany them on wintertime hikes will find a great friend in the Puli. 

Bedlington terrier 

The Bedlington terrier is genuinely a one-of-a-kind dog breed. These terriers have soft, curly, snow-white fur. 

The fur’s appearance isn’t the only unique thing about this dog, either. When you pet the Bedlington terrier, you will notice that its hair feels like sheep’s wool. 

Because of their unique appearance, these terriers are familiar stars of dog shows. However, the Bedlington can also make a suitable family dog.


This dog breed is incredibly rare, but if you ever encounter one or even adopt one of your own, the first thing you’ll notice is its super curly fur. 

The Mudi is a result of breeding the Puli, Pumi, and German Spitz. The Puli is likely where this dog gets its somewhat curly coat texture from, though it is not quite as thick or coarse. 

The Mudi is most common in Eastern Europe, especially in Hungary. Finding Mudis in other parts of the world is incredibly difficult, and there are likely only a few thousand Mudis worldwide. 

Blue Weimaraner 

Despite their name, these dogs are not exactly blue. In reality, their gray coats have some prominent blue undertones. In the right light, the blue undertones of this Weimaraner become even more noticeable and look truly remarkable. 

A great thing about these dogs is, although they have a unique coat, they are not particularly rare. However, because many covet the aesthetic of a “blue” dog, some dog breeders may charge more for them. 

Wrapping up 

Whether you’re looking for a new dog breed to adopt or simply a canine enthusiast, these nine dog breeds are truly something to behold. 

If you plan to adopt one of these dogs as your own, be sure to do some research beforehand.  Each dog on this list has different needs, so ensure that you can fulfill those needs before adopting one.