5 Easy Methods of Making Your Hair Look Longer


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Hair doesn’t grow as fast as you might like it to. Maybe you’ve had short hair for a long time and want to try long hair before you commit to growing it out. Perhaps you want the appearance of long hair without needing to grow it. Here are five easy methods of making your hair look longer.

1. Use Extensions

Extensions are great options for people who are thinking of growing their hair out in the future. You can get them applied professionally or do it yourself, depending on the type of extension you want. For example, you can look for professionals who provide services such as hand-tied hair extensions Denver, or you can buy clip-in extensions to apply yourself. Extensions can also be applied in the form of weaves and braids. Make sure you choose extensions that closely match your hair color and texture.

2. Wear a Center Part

When you part your hair in the center, it causes the eye to perceive the hair as longer than it actually is. This is because a center part makes your face look narrower by drawing the eye to a central vertical line, adding length to your hair, while side parts tend to add width and make your hair appear shorter. A center part will also help your hair fall more evenly on both sides of your face, whereas a side part creates an asymmetrical frame.

3. Straighten Your Hair

If you have curly or wavy hair, you can try straightening it to temporarily lengthen it. Curly and wavy hair tends to be much longer than it actually appears to be. The length is bound up in the waves or coils. Once you straighten it, you may be surprised at how long it is. Be mindful of your hair’s health when using this method. Straightening your hair too often or using too high a temperature can cause heat damage.

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4. Pull Your Hair Up

You can also give the illusion of longer hair when you want to wear it up. For buns and other updos, you can utilize volumizing tools such as bun sponges, volumizing gels and doughnuts. These tools help make it look as though you have more hair in the updo than is actually there. You can also use a few tricks to make ponytails appear longer. Curl your ponytail, prop it up using butterfly clips or bobby pins or use the two-ponytail trick

5. Trick the Eye With the Right Clothes

Wear clothes that won’t blend in with your hair color. If your hair is blonde, for example, avoid wearing shirts that utilize yellow fabric so the two don’t blend together and cause the hair to look shorter. You can also create the illusion of length with scarves and high necklines, which make your neck appear shorter.

You don’t need to commit to growing your hair out to make it look longer or invest in expensive topical and vitamin treatments to try to make your hair grow faster. Sometimes, all it takes is styling your hair differently or finding ways to trick the eye.