Learn How to Maintain Your Blonde Hair Like A Pro

Blonde Hair

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Dying the hair using a blonde shade has become a common trend. There are so many assumptions made about blonde hair about how easy it is to maintain. However, this type of hair actually requires a lot of commitment as it is easily damaged by extremely high temperatures, water, and even dust.

Blonde hair is very delicate and can even be damaged by over-styling it. This means that it needs extra care in order to maintain its elegant appearance. The following are tips to help you in the maintenance of your blonde hair.

Always Hydrate It

The process that is used to ensure that your hair attains the perfect blonde shade is very harsh on your hair. It ends up removing all the moisture and nutrients required for proper hair growth. This means the hair strands are left very dry and this can cause a lot of damage like hair loss.

In order to ensure that your hair is healthy, it is important to keep it well hydrated. You need to get a good quality conditioner and hair treatment that will help to prevent damage to the hair. Always keep the hair and scalp well moisturized in order to prevent itching.

Do Not Occasionally Use Heating Tools

Ensure that you protect your blonde hair from heating tools like blow driers, flat irons, and curling irons as much as possible. This means that whenever styling the hair, try as much as possible to use styles that do not require the use of hot appliances.

These tools usually weaken the hair roots and can eventually damage the cuticle. Once the cuticle has been damaged, your hair can no longer have access to the nutrients that it requires and it ends up drying.

Therefore, avoid the use of hot tools on the hair and ensure that anytime they are used, you apply heat protection products on the hair.

Do Not Occasionally Use Heating Tools

Protect It From The Sun

Natural elements like the sun are also harmful to your blonde hair. The UV rays especially those with high intensity, have mild effects on both the scalp and the hair. The sun dries the scalp and can even bleach some of the blonde shades to brassy shades of yellow or orange.

As it is unavoidable to be in the sun, always ensure that you wear a hat to protect the direct contact between the sun and your hair. You can also use a UV ray protection product to prevent both the scalp and hair from getting damaged.

Use a Purple Shampoo

Using a purple shampoo to wash your blonde hair helps to retain the shade. Other shampoos can gradually bleach the shades giving your hair a completely different look. Getting a purple shampoo ensures the original color is maintained as besides cleaning the hair, it gives it an ashy finish.

Use a Purple Shampoo

However, ensure that you consult with our hairstylist on the best purple shampoo for your hair because there are so many brands available in the market. However, the purple shampoo is not supposed to be used on a daily basis as it can remove the sparkly look of blonde hair. It should be alternated with the regular hair shampoo.

If you notice that your hair develops yellow or orange spots due to the skipped use of the purple shampoo, you can leave it to sit for around twenty minutes anytime you use it. This allows it to thoroughly work on the spots.

Rinse With Cold Water

As stated earlier, heat has severe impacts on blonde hair. Therefore, after washing and conditioning your hair, you can give it a cold rinse. The cold water helps to reduce the damage caused by heat and the blonde coloring process. It also helps to keep the hair shiny. By adhering to the above procedures you can always keep your blonde hair appealing. You don’t need to visit your hair stylist to style your hair!

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