Education problems in today’s society globalization and changes in education.

Education problems

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Recent research on the study of global demographic trends overlooked by educational institutions such as the United Nations, UNDP, G20 (UNESCO, Youth International) is now opening up a very controversial aspect. Government and others) The so-called “demographic winter” reflects the “modern” life, family and moral degradation, abortion and homosexuality, as well as the serious consequences of media domination and poisoning. Hollywood culture is “selfish and ugly. Irresponsible. Given this demographic trend, it is giving a new direction to the world’s abundance and resource distribution system, as well as a new approach to basic education problems.” Look. “

The globalization of education reflects the expansion and consolidation of educational practices used by all public or private institutions as active social educators. Over time, the formal education system in developing and developing countries, the state education system reflects the continuity of the classical education system. In the field of non-formal education, more modern and diverse methods of education are being used, but, unfortunately, very few of them aim to change personal attitudes in the global context and hope to train young people. The beginning of a successful career. The presence of NGOs with international lighting and vocational training companies has now shed light on the “development of education”. It allows to redesign teaching principles, or more precisely, to serve a primary purpose.z

Many people believe that education should be properly equipped with operating tools. Others think that education gives them a greater purpose than the end. Therefore, the job of education is to teach man to think hard and be critical. But knowledge that stops working effectively can be the biggest threat to society. The most dangerous culprit may be the cause, but an immoral person.

Social discourse, technological revolution, wide access to information and the conveniences of modern life have made it possible to create an irreversible trend of racial conflict. In our day and age, children, the “sons of globalization”, refer to different sources of information, and the Internet is often a source of self-education. The balance is based on the power of educated youth who, as “teachers”, explain the new world order to adults. This theory takes into account the speed of technology and our way of life, but it does not mention the compatibility of historical educational methods that seek to deviate from the nature of observation and eliminate moral and constitutional principles. Wisdom is passed on from one generation to the next.

Therefore, we raise the question of how to re-examine the biology responsible for the problems of education in accordance with the basic principles of this basic activity, which has led our world towards evolution. This is not enough for organizations like UNESCO or UNDP. Lack of primary education and changing the prospect of education in underdeveloped countries, preventing improper transfer of educational needs. We see education as a key factor in slowing down the process of self-destruction of the planet and humans, so it is important to work with these areas in a timely manner.

The redesign and revision of basic knowledge reaching every stage and cycle of life begins with the assumption that “man should be taught to work responsibly in the environment and civilization without hindering the development of a united and balanced world.” Should.” In his order “While this observation is not recent, in countries such as Romania, France, Italy and Germany, it is forming a chain of basic education, but I believe that it is not enough to introduce the discipline of civic education in the gymnasium.

We believe that new principles and principles of education should be known, understood and applied by everyone. Current access:

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