Effectively cleaning the office: what needs to be done?

Effectively cleaning the office: what needs to be done?

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Sometimes opinions differ on how often an office should be cleaned. But be that as it may: The first impression is often decisive as to whether a business relationship is established or not! If a workplace looks messy and dirty, this could deter the customer from working with them. For this reason alone, regular cleaning of the office is important. It is also more pleasant, healthier and nicer for every single employee to work in a clean office than to spend the day at a dusty desk. Conclusion: A tidy and well-kept workplace also increases the motivation and satisfaction of employees. But what does it actually take to really clean an office other than the office cleaning service Erhvervsrengøring? How can you manage it by yourself?

Effectively cleaning includes

Office cleaning is very extensive, it includes much more than just emptying the trash can and cleaning the floor. This also includes dusting and wiping the tables and cupboards with a damp cloth. For this reason, employees should clear their desks of files and documents as much as possible after work. It is also necessary to regularly remove dust and other dirt from window sills, radiators and doors, as well as telephones, computers, printers and other technical devices in the office. Furthermore, it is necessary to clean the kitchen (if available) and the toilet daily. In addition to cleaning, the office should of course also be aired, even if fine dust particles get into the office and settle on the PCs, monitors, keyboards, etc.

Regular cleaning of the office is best!

If an office is regularly tidied up and cleaned, it is not as bad as it often appears at first glance. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to carry out cleanup and cleaning work as needed. After all, you don’t have to do all the cleaning work every day. In some cases it is enough to tackle them regularly on a weekly or monthly basis.

One should daily

  • empty the trash can
  • clean the floor (ie vacuum the carpet , clean other floor coverings such as PVC, cork , laminate , tiles either with the vacuum cleaner or sweep carefully and wipe with a damp cloth if necessary)
  • if necessary, clean the kitchen
  • clean the sanitary area/ toilet

Once or twice a week

  • Dust or clean the cupboards, shelves and window sills
  • wipe the desk with a damp cloth
  • clean the doorknobs with a damp cloth
  • damp cleaning the computer, screen, telephone and other objects on the desk

Once a month

  • cleaning the windows (incl. window handles and window frames)
  • Clean the radiators, doors

Microfiber cloths are ideal for removing dust or wiping objects with a damp cloth . If a cleaning agent is still required, it is usually completely sufficient if you add some soft soap or a dash of washing-up liquid to lukewarm water. If this does not work, you can also use an all-purpose cleaner or, if necessary, a special cleaner.

Clean computers & Co. properly

Computers, including screens and keyboards, have a magnetic effect on fine dust because they literally attract the tiny dirt particles. Therefore, these devices should be cleaned regularly from dust. It is best to use a suitable dust cloth or, if necessary, a slightly damp cloth, this applies to both the housing and the screen. This also applies to printers, scanners, computers and similar technical devices. Logically, the keyboard is the biggest dust collector. However , PC and laptop keyboards can also be thoroughly cleaned .

Here are a few more tips:

Lockable cupboards are always easier and quicker to clean than open shelves where everything collects dust.

In order to have more order on the desk, shelves for letters or other files, boxes for pens and a basket for small items such as hole punches, tape dispensers, pliers/staplers, staple removers, etc. are very practical. This also makes cleaning easier!

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