Some important points in cleaning our carpets

Some important points in cleaning our carpets

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Carpets cover our home with comfort and add charm to the rooms, but you must be careful when cleaning your carpet so as not to damage the fibers and eliminate dust mites. Check out some tips for cleaning carpets, from basic maintenance to deep cleaning. But if you face some difficulties, a professional carpet cleaning is needed.

Use a vacuum cleaner

To keep the carpet as clean as possible, use the vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning, vacuum the fibers slowly to suck out all the dust and dirt. It’s a superficial cleaning, but it helps a lot, especially for those with pets. Do not use brooms for cleaning, this causes accumulated dust to rise and spread throughout the environment, in addition, the hard bristles of the broom can damage the fibers of the carpets.

Remove the hairs

Those who have pets know that the fur does not always come out with the vacuum cleaner, especially cat fur. A good option is to use a damp cloth with a little 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water, or put the water and vinegar in a spray bottle and vacuum. Use the almost dry cloth, well wrung out and pass it on the carpet in a circular motion, you will notice that the hairs adhere to the cloth and will clump together. Vinegar is good for preventing and eliminating mold and odors, as well as making carpet fibers shinier. Add a little oil-free essence to the water and vinegar mixture so that the smell of vinegar does not remain in the room.

Leave the windows open

Air circulation in the home is essential to remove impurities, so daily open windows and doors and let natural ventilation do its work, open the curtains wide, secure the doors and let the air flow for a while.

Stain removal

Don’t let the stain dry, it’s harder to remove dry stains, so use them while they’re wet to clean the carpet. There are specific products to remove stains from carpet, which promise to remove stains and leave your carpet fragrant. Do not leave the carpet soaked, after cleaning the stained area, wipe it with a dry cloth or use a hair dryer to speed up drying.

Whip removal

Using the icing gum trick might not be a good idea as it will get the carpet wet, which is not nice. How about a dry solution? Use an iron, instead of freezing the gum, we will burn it. Cover the gum with a paper towel and place the hot iron for a few minutes until it sticks to the paper towel, then remove the towel with the gum and you’re done.

Capet washing

It is not recommended that the washing be done at home, hire an expert carpet cleaning to do that general cleaning on your carpet at least once a year. After all, nobody wants a carpet that smells like a “wet dog”, has problems with mold or ends up ruining the carpet, does he? So leave this task to specialized carpet cleaning companies and avoid headaches. This carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpet and eliminates the heavier dirt that has been trapped in the fibers and that we are not able to eliminate with home cleaning.

Along with the dirt, mites, bacteria and other microorganisms that live in the carpets and which are harmful to our health, go away. Because even though the carpets are made with antibacterial and anti-dust mite materials, the dust that accumulates in the fiber gaps is full of dead skin that is a veritable feast for bacteria and mites. So, do your carpet cleaning at home on a regular basis and give it a go by hiring a specialist carpet and carpet cleaning company once a year.

This way you guarantee the health of your family and keep your carpet beautiful for longer.