What is electrical switchgear, and how does it work?

What is electrical switchgear, and how does it work?

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Electricity plays a pivotal part in our daily lives. Everything from our televisions to workstations runs on electricity, and our lives revolve around it. However, the electric supply needs to be secure to ensure proper electrical distribution in residential and commercial places. Several devices help maintain the safety of electrical connections, and one of them is switchgear. This device is used because of its functions and features, and you can get a range of electrical switchgear dubai for your requirements. 

This device comes in handy in all types of properties including, residential, commercial, and industrial. It assists in the carriage and distribution of load while maintaining electrical connections. Also, electric switchgear helps in identifying faults and failures in connections to minimize electrical damage. Thus, installing high-quality equipment is essential to ensure the safety of your electrical devices. 

What is Electric Switchgear?

A switchgear is a device that you use to switch, control and protect electrical circuits. Additionally, this unit also protects your devices. You use this device to switch and interrupt currents under different operating conditions. Within the electric power system, this device works as an arrangement of circuit breakers, fuses, electrical disconnect switches to protect and control your devices. The switchgear is connected directly to the supply system. You place this device in the high and low-voltage planes of the transformer. 

This device is capable of de-energizing to clear the fault, testing, and maintaining the circuits. Thus, you should get the device from a trusted switchgear manufacturing company in dubai to ensure the best quality. This device plays an integral role in the power system and protects the equipment from heavy current, and a high-quality device will show better results. If you do not install electric switchgear in your supply system, the device will get damaged, and the service will be interrupted. Their essential role makes them a necessary addition to protecting your electrical device from damage. 


The electric switchgear includes two major components: power conducting and control systems. The power components include switches, fuses, circuit breakers, lightning arrestors (used for interrupting the electric power’s flow). Control systems, on the other hand, include current protective relays, control panels, and connected circuitry that is used to monitor, control, and protect the power conducting components. 


All the equipment within the electric switchgear work in sync to perform the following functions:

  • The device protects your equipment from fault currents and short-circuits.
  • You can use it to open and close the electrical currents under normal and abnormal conditions. 
  • Under normal conditions, the device can operate manually ensuring the safety of the operator and optimal utilization of electrical energy. 
  • In abnormal conditions, the device operates mechanically. The device detects the fault and detaches the damaged part in the power system protecting the rest of the system from damage. Hence, it is essential to get the best electrical switchgear in Dubai. 
  • Electric switchgear also gives isolation to circuits from the power supply. 
  • This device also increases the availability of the system by allowing multiple sources to feed a load. 


The most significant features of electric switchgear include:

  • Fast operation
  • Complete reliability
  • Manual control provision 
  • Certain and complete discrimination


Switchgear comes with components and devices such as switches, relays, circuit breakers, fuses, etc. 

These devices allow it to operate other electrical equipment, distributors, generators, transmission lines, and much more. When a short circuit occurs within the power system, a massive current flows through the devices. This current can damage the equipment and will interrupt the operators. Electrical switchgear in Dubai overcomes this problem often. This device can detect the fault within the power system and protect the equipment from damage. 

Types Of Electric Switchgear

You can get three types of switchgear in the market. These are named on their voltage range and deal with different measures of load. The three types of switchgear are:

Low Voltage Switchgear (LV)

This power system deals with up to 1KV, and that is why it is called low voltage switchgear. The equipment primarily includes LV circuit breakers, switches, HRC fuses, offload electrical isolators, earth leakage circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers (MCBs), etc. 

Medium Voltage Switchgear (MV)

This power system can deal up to 36 kV and is called an MV (medium voltage switchgear). These units come in a wide variety like without metal enclosure outdoor type, metal-enclosed indoor and outdoor types, and much more. This device primarily includes substation devices such as bulk oil CBs, minimum oil CBs, air magnetic, gas-insulated, vacuum, SF6 gas-insulated, etc. 

High Voltage Switchgear (HV)

The system capable of dealing above 36KV is called a high voltage electrical switchgear in Dubai. When the voltage level increases, an arcing is generated as the switching operation becomes extremely high. That is why this equipment is created with extreme care. 

 Get your devices from a trusted switchgear manufacturing company in Dubai. The most significant component of this equipment is the circuit breaker. Thus, the device must contain the safest and most reliable features to function optimally. 

Switchgear is an essential component, and you must get them from a trusted source to ensure the best quality. You can find a range of companies in the market, and finding the correct one can be a task. To help you in this quest, we have curated this list of the best switchgear manufacturing companies in Dubai, refer to it to find your ideal partner. 

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