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Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk is a household name partly due to his provocative Twitter persona. However, it is worth remembering that the reason the public pays attention to Musk is his prescience and insight into technological innovations. First co-founding the financial transaction service PayPal and later becoming the CEO of the electric automobile company Tesla Motors, Musk even pioneered the corporate space race. 

As a billionaire, Musk’s behavior and expenditures would no doubt seem extravagant to many. It was for this reason highly newsworthy when Musk confirmed that he had purchased a house for $50,000. Following a storm of speculation, Musk eventually confirmed that he had bought his new home from Boxabl, a technology startup that specializes in mass-producing homes in factories. Musk purchased the Casita from Boxabl, a 375 sq. ft. studio apartment configuration complete with a kitchen, bathroom and appliances.

It’s not difficult to see why Musk became interested in Boxabl, considering his own bent for technological innovations that address relevant concerns. Just as Tesla Motors addresses the increasingly serious problem of vehicles’ reliance on fossil fuels by employing an efficient electric motor, Boxabl addresses the affordable housing shortage by mass-producing houses and selling them at affordable prices. 

“Homes were simply too expensive for far too many people to afford,” says Boxabl co-founder Galiano Tiramani. “Yes, we were all used to that production model, but it resulted in houses that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Paolo and I foresaw a different way: we could produce homes in factories, which would dramatically lower both their labor and overhead costs.”

Setting out to refine their production methods until they could create a new house every minute, Boxabl co-founders Paulo Tiramani and Galiano Tiramani studied the assembly line methods employed by the automobile industry, in which manufacturers are not uncommonly able to produce one house per minute. Boxabl learned how to more effectively streamline the construction process to cut down costs and time expenditures, thereby making housing more affordable. 

Although the streamlining process demands a great deal of uniformity between parts, this does not mean that Boxabl’s homes are identical. On the contrary, Boxabl homes are designed much in the manner of legos, so that individual parts can be rearranged according to the individual homeowner or family’s preferences. Floor plans are easily customizable and all changes made in this manner are highly reversible. 

Despite their unprecedented affordability, Boxabl’s homes are built to endure the elements. “Weather was a huge factor for us,” says Galiano. “A lot of work went into making sure that the Casita would be capable of withstanding the elements. We chose to use steel, concrete, and EPS foam, none of which biodegrade. The structurally laminated panels that we put into the walls, floor, and roof make them stronger than the average building. People assume affordable means cheap or low quality. We are defying that expectation – we produce houses on an assembly-line within a factory, and they are built to last.”

It is perhaps Boxabl’s ambition that most resonated with Musk. The company does not merely aim to redefine the construction industry, but intends to become the world’s premier developer. As the waiting list for one of their products, the Casita, is currently more than 110,000 customers long, there is clearly no shortage of market demand for the company’s products. 

“We’re trying to become the biggest player in a $13 trillion global construction industry,” says Boxabl co-founder Paolo Tiramani.“There is a $13T global construction industry where existing building methodologies are insufficient to meet the market demand. We have proven our product is a real solution.”

About Boxabl:

Boxabl, a building construction technology startup with a valuation of over $3B, is the creator of the Casita, a tiny home that can be unpacked in only an hour. Resistant to bugs, water, mold, fire, and wind, it is redefining the future of sustainable living. 

For more information on Boxabl and the Casita, please see www.boxabl.com. To invest or read the offering circular, please visit https://invest.boxabl.com/. 

About Paolo Tiramani:

Paolo Tiramani is an American industrial designer and billionaire. He has provocative thoughts on technology and the future. Currently, Paolo is CEO and majority shareholder of Boxabl, the technology startup creating a comprehensive building system for the $13 trillion global construction industry. His work is manifold; he holds 155 patent filings, covering a diverse mix of inventions and intellectual property, including hardware, housewares, juvenile, sporting goods, medical, personal care, construction, and automotive. 

About Galiano Tiramani:

Galiano Tiramani is a multimillionaire entrepreneur who has founded many successful startups: two of his notable exits were a ATM network founded in 2012 and a large hash oil production, wholesale distribution, and trap house facility, which was sold in 2019. Boxabl will be the 3rd startup to use his ability to get projects operational and generating revenue quickly. 

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