English Premier League(EPL): The Best League in the Globe

English Premier League

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Football is a power game. It is an energetic and enthusiastic game around the globe. Fans are excited about the World cup, Uefa Cup, Champions League, Europa Liga, and the world-famous domestic league. In the world’s football phenomena English Premier League is one of the famous, toughest, and expensive football leagues. Each year millions of football fans are waited for this greatest league and experience the greatest matches among the teams.  

Brief History: 

In the year 1992 after lots of discussions, debates, and agreements English Premier League was started in England. The new dawn was started with the Premier League in the history of English football. Before EPL there was a football league in England but due to many reasons that include political reasons, low attendance, and hooliganism, the fans are not interested in the league. So, EPL was started and it’s changed the history of football. Top teams of England are taken part in the new edition of football. And from the inauguration year, the league wins the heart of football’s fans around the world.

System of the League: 

In the starting three years, there were 22 teams were included. But from the 1995-96 seasons, only the top 20 teams can take part in this titan league. Each season the team has to play 2 games with each other in-home and away system. Each team has to play 38 games. The highest scorer team will win the league championship trophy. Match mainly played on Saturday and Sunday. The league is starting in the middle of August.

Interesting facts about English Premier League(EPL) Trophy: 

In EPL there are two trophies. In the session, one uses for League, and one stays with the champion team. The champion team has to return the trophy before the final league match of the season. The size of the trophy is 104 cm and 25.4 kg weight. The champion team will get silver medals. The design of the trophy is based on ‘Three Lions of English Football.’  

Successful Teams in EPL:        

Manchester United is the most successful team that won the maximum EPL trophy from the first edition of the league. They won 13 times and under the managerial ship of Sir Alex Ferguson, the red devils reached the highest pick of the league. Currently, Liverpool won the league in the 2019-2020 seasons. But if you compare with other team MU is far away among the other team. Other successful teams are Chelsea 5 times winners, Manchester City 4 times champions, Arsenal 3 times champions. But if you take reference from 1888 league Man U is the 19 times league champion and Liverpool is 18 times league champion and current EPL champions. Manchester City who holds the record of three-figure points record in the EPL history. They won the EPL with 100 points in the 2017-18 seasons.  

The Big Money in EPL: 

Premier League is the most expensive football league compare with other domestic leagues. In EPL many greatest footballers and managers are involved. A player like Allen Sherer, Ronaldo, Beckham, Rooney, and manager like Sir Alex Ferguson, Atlelio, Wenger has taken part in the league. This is not just a league. The world’s famous businessman has been involved in this league. The league is broadcasted in 180 countries. In the last 15 years, the revenue of the clubs is increased by nearly 1000 percent. So by this statistic, you can understand that the English Premier League (EPL) has involved a large amount of revenue. The teams are heavyweight due to their player’s strength, structure, and mechanism. The broadcast payments are divided into three structures. With the equal share of the broadcast revenue, the teams also get facility fees and merit fees on a performance basis. The revenue is also collected by the ticket selling. The sponsorship revenue is around 100 million euros per year.

Why EPL is the Best League? 

There are many famous domestic leagues in the world. Like La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A but experts argue English Premier League is the toughest and expensive football league in the world’s football phenomena. The first reason involves the teams playing style. In general, English clubs are loved to play attacking football. They play rough and tough football. They like to attack opponents all the time. They play quick passing football that makes the match so fast and exciting. Secondly, if you compare the team they can beat each other at any time. For example, this present season, Tottenham Hotspur beats giant Manchester United by 7 goals. Last week present leading team Everton beat Southampton by two goals. So, you can’t say any team is better or best. On the match day, each team is dangerous and even experts can’t predict anything. Thirdly, the world’s best teams are involved in EPL. Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, Leeds United are the world’s best and famous teams. The English clubs are also challenging the world’s best football clubs in the field. Like, if we talk about the Champions League or Europa Liga you can see English teams are offering the best football on the world’s stage. Like Man U won the Champions League 3 times, Liverpool wins the Champions league in 2018-2019 beating home soil team spurs. That is the reason the Premier League considers as world’s toughest and biggest domestic league in the world. 

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