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What are High Court Enforcement Officers?

The High Court of England and Wales officer is called High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) whose responsibility is to implement High Court decisions sometimes by restoring property or clinching goods.

Before 2004, High Court Enforcement Officers were named sheriff’s officers who were answerable for the enforcement of High Court writs in every country in place of High Sheriff, while now they are responsible for such writs directly. High Court Enforcement Officers only serve for England and Wales.

What powers do these officers have?

The High Court Writ of Control qualifies the named High Court Enforcement Officer, to impose the claim. So their company will contact you, and then if needed, an Enforcement Agent will meet with the debtor for the insurance of payment or their agreement to a payment plan. So by doing this process, it permits the Enforcement Agent to take control of his resources.

How Powerful Are HCE Officers?

If your company fails to pay its debts as well as the amount, your company risks being visited by high court enforcement officers. These officers have the power to enter without any permission, and they have the authority to control the goods.

 High Court Enforcement Officer has been specially certified by the high court and has additional high court enforcement powers, more than that of an enforcement officer.

What can an HCEO take?

High Court enforcement powers are undermentioned:

  • They take stock and machinery
  • They take business furniture
  • They take vehicles that belong to the company
  • They take deeds, bonds, and shares
  • They take Money
  • They also take goods on finance (the finance of the company must agree to the sale)

How can I stop HCE officers?

.If you don’t have the arrangement to amount the debt in instalments, and you want to stop the High Court Enforcement officers, you have to apply to the court using the N244 court form. We can call this a ‘stay of punishment’. But the court would not always approve of the stay of punishment. It is essential to make sure that all the details that are needed by the court to understand your condition that includes:

  • Your budget: income and expenditure financial statement
  • Any supporting information, such as debt and mental health evidence form

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