Causes and types of slips and fall accidents

slips and fall accidents
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Fall-related injuries may be fatal or non-fatal. In this article, you’ll learn about some causes and types of slips and fall accidents. So keep reading!

Why do falls happen?

Falls usually happen because incremental changes to our bodies make walking difficult or they can be caused by risks in and around the home. Falls can cause a lot of fractures and other common fall accident injuries too. Those injuries leave long-term impacts.

Six most common causes of slip and fall accidents:

Each year, around one million people have to go to the emergency room as a result of a slip or fall accident. The effect of these accidents varies, ranging from some shocks and injuries to broken bones. But some are even harmful.
The most common causes of slips and falls are

  • Wet and uneven surfaces.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Improper training.
  • Nursing home carelessness.
  • Footwear.
  • Fraud.

Types of Fall:

Falls are a common reason for serious injuries. There are many ways you may fall. A wet floor, a loose rug or a step you don’t see could all lead to injuries if they cause you to lose your balance and hit the ground. There are four types of falls include; step, slip, trip and stump.
Step: A step is a type of fall when you walk on a surface that has a change in height you weren’t expecting. This could be a step-down, a hole, or an uneven surface that slopes or dips down.
Slip: A slip is the type of fall you are possibly aware of. It happens when you are walking on a surface that does not allow your shoes or feet to grip the surface, which means you lose your footing. Often, slips and falls occur due to wet surfaces, but some floors may be naturally slippery and lead to falls.
Trip: When something unexpected is in your path then a trip fall occurs. You don’t see a hurdle and you trip over it, losing your balance and falling. Trips are often caused by objects such as toys or power cards etc.
Stump: A stump fall occurs when your foot is connected with an object and causes you to lose your balance. This could be unexpected stairs and something under the carpet that creates a bump.

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• What are the complications of falls?

Falls can cause broken bones, like wrist, arm ankle fractures.

• What is the main cause of fall accidents?

The main cause of fall accidents is wet and uneven surfaces.