18 Features Of Honor Magic Watch 2 That Will Amaze You

18 Features Of Honor Magic Watch 2 That Will Amaze You

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The Honor Watch 2 features 10 amazing features that will amaze you. They make sure your device is secure, so you can rest assured knowing that no one else can get through it. These boots are not just for the military; they’re for everyone!

1. Quick response time :

This is a million-to-one shot of speed: 270 milliseconds from standby to launch, and as fast as 0.0001 seconds! 

2. Silent mode :

The intelligent power-saving function is designed to reduce power consumption while in standby and it will automatically activate after a certain period of time. This has been included to ensure that users can sleep easier knowing that their device is more secure.

3. USB Type-C :

A smart port with a reversible connector that makes it easy to plug in no matter which way the USB-C cable is facing, making this Samsung’s first fully reversible type-C device. It’s also really useful for charging other devices, especially for mobile phones using Type-C fast charging technology like the Galaxy S8 and Note8.

4. Military-grade shock protection :

Equipped with a three-layer mechanical structure to protect the device from external impacts and drops. It’s been rated as a level 5 military rating.

5. Touch ID :

The fingerprint sensor is much faster than other phones, and it is great for anyone who doesn’t trust their friends not to use one of their fingers when using their phone. They won’t need to worry about that if they have an Honor Watch 2 on hand.

6. Multi-function remote control :

The watch can be used for controlling other appliances and setting different modes such as alternating cycles of colours & wavelengths, doing colours changing synchronously, frequency sweep, and brightness adjustment etc. It can also be used as a remote shutter for your smartphone cameras.

7. Anti-pick back guard :

From one angle, it might look like there are some numbers behind the screen, but it’s actually just a black panel which is used to protect your retina from harmful ultraviolet rays.

8. Watch battery indicator :

The watch’s battery will light up to remind users when they need to re-charge their phone. This is great for those who aren’t that good at remembering to charge their phones each day.

9. Built-in speaker :

It’s not just a watch, it can also play music! Don’t worry that there isn’t a headphone jack.

10. Emergency SOS :

With the built-in SOS button, users can press the button to call out for help at any time. This is great for emergencies or other situations when you want to get the attention of someone quickly but they’re not nearby.

11. Fitness tracker :

Track your steps with the health app on the Watch 2 for a more secure way of knowing that you’re staying healthy.

12. Infrared Transmit / infrared receive :

It allows users to control TV and other devices via touching or far away from them, it also can receive signals from other devices.

13. Notifications about incoming calls and messages :

You won’t miss any messages with the notifications that pop up on the watch; you’ll always know what’s going on even when you’re out of your phone’s reach.

14. Alarm clock :

The watch can help users wake up in the morning and let them open the baby’s door.

15. Reminder :

The watch will remind you every day to wear it and will remind you to pay attention to your body condition.

16. Caller photo display :

Users will see who is calling them before they answer it with a photo of the caller, just in case they don’t recognize their number or are suspicious of anyone calling them on a new number.

17. Remote Camera:

Users can control their phone’s camera from the watch and snap photos or videos without having to pick up their phone first; this also helps prevent drops from happening when someone is trying to quickly capture something without being prepared.

18. Anti-theft alarm:

The alarm will make a loud noise that can be heard for a long distance when the watch is being moved or stolen, it also has a badging function that users can set when they don’t need to take their phone with them.


Manufacturers put a lot of effort into designing the Honor Watch 2, so that you can feel safe and secure with this watch. You won’t find any other phone or watch with these features. Have you got it yet?