Feeling Down? Is It You or Life’s Drudgery Getting You Down?


Last Updated on July 14, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Ever get that sinking feeling like life just threw a wet blanket on your parade? Well, you’re not alone. According to the wise folks at the National Institute of Mental Health, around 7 percent of the population grapples with good old clinical depression. The kind that packs a punch, you know? Even the great philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein had it running in the family like a gloomy heirloom.

But here’s the plot twist: A Gallup survey spilled the tea that 18 percent of Americans admitted to feeling the blues. Why? Well, while some might be harboring a secret bout of clinical depression, for most, it’s a case of life playing hardball. Let’s dive into the usual suspects:

1. Real-Life Stressors:

These are real-life joy-suckers, getting the pink slip, cash crunch nightmares, messy breakups, or feeling like you’re solo on a deserted island. They’re the culprits behind that wear-and-tear, the “life sucks” vibe that hangs over your head.

2. Should-ing Yourself to Oblivion:

Ever find yourself drowning in a sea of “shoulds”? It’s like a guilt trip you’re constantly booked on. Blame it on personality quirks or societal pressures; these “shoulds” are the unwelcome DJs in your daily life, spinning a record of rules and orders you can’t escape.

3. The Self-Critical Zone:

If you’ve got a relentless inner critic, welcome to the self-critical club. There’s this perpetual bully in your head, taking notes on every goof-up or less-than-stellar move you make. Result? Life feels like an endless loop of negatives.

4. Untreated Anxiety:

Picture this – you’re constantly worrying about the future, playing out worst-case scenarios like a blockbuster movie in your mind. Anxiety and depression, the dynamic duo, often go hand-in-hand, creating a bleak landscape for your thoughts.

So, What’s the Game Plan?

1. Face the Real-Life Monsters:

Life’s throwing lemons? Make a lemonade stand! Sure, the depression whispers, “Why bother?” but remember, change comes with action. Seek support, take baby steps, gather info, and get a fresh perspective from someone who’s not buying into your depressed brain’s fiction.

2. Shush the Inner Bully:

It’s not about perfection; it’s about pushing back against that inner tormentor. Recognize when your self-critic is on a rampage and kick it out of the driver’s seat. Remember that mistakes are okay, rules can be bent, and you do your best.

3. Ditch the “Shoulds” for Your Values:

Enough with inheriting rules; create your own values. Craft your ethical code, decide what matters and what can take a backseat. Skip the exhaustive “mustabation” and live by your own rules – short and sweet.

4. Tame the Anxiety Beast:

Is anxiety whispering sweet nothing about constant vigilance? Time to drown it out. Catch those future-focused rabbit holes, return to the present, and take small steps outside that cozy comfort zone. Rewire that anxious brain of yours.

5. Consider the A-Team: Medication and Therapy:

If the blues are hitting hard, don’t shy away from reinforcements. Medications can take the edge off, making it easier for you to tackle problems. Counselling in Calgary? It’s like a mental gym, building the muscles you need to move forward.

Life might toss you a curveball, but identifying the real problem under the problem is your ticket to breaking free. So, ready to face your head-on? Time to show life who’s boss!