Here Are A Few Pergola Designs You Might Want To Try!

Here Are A Few Pergola Designs You Might Want To Try!
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Last Updated on March 5, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

A Pergola is an overhead structure for outdoor spaces that are halfway opened. It is the best way to get the most out of your outdoor area. These structures consist of a grid of beams that provide permanent coverage to the site. It adds a wow factor to the plot installed. They are functional yet stylish, and it also offers means to channel your personality by matching the themes with the garden. 

We will be listing down some ideas for pergola designs in Adelaide that you can try out if you are planning to upgrade your backyard : 

  • Match your garden furniture to your pergola design: A pergola made out of wooden frames would look stunning and add an organic and warm tone to the area. Apart from that, if the pergola is of a slatted design, it will allow the summer breeze to pass through and provide shade from the sunlight at the same time. An extra element to enhance the beauty is to pair the pergola with furniture having the same hue and tone. This will bring a sense of harmony to the area. 
  • Use light but bright tones: Combining hues of crisp white and warm wood finishes look gorgeous against a porcelain wall. The neutral colour schemes with minimum colours give a visionary outlook to the pergola. 
  • Build a pergola as an extension of your house: A pergola is a good option if your patio is exposed to too much sunlight. You can attach the pergola to the backside or backdoor of your house, and it will add a feeling of extended home. If you opt for pergola designs with covering, you will have access to your garden area even when it rains.
  • Use different color schemes for your pergolas to highlight them: The various pergola designs in Adelaide You can either paint your pergola with a beautiful pastel shade or choose a bold color like charcoal or black to help them stand out. With different colours come different decoration ideas, including those for furniture, carpets, lighting, etcetera. 
  • Create a combination of natural and artificial lights: The climbers and creepers growing over the frames of pergolas create a natural ceiling and provide shade. You can add hanging lanterns or fairy lights to make the outdoor space cozier and more comfortable. 
  • Create an angled pergola: It is not necessary that a pergola has to have parallel rectangular frames. It can be angled and attached to the exterior to accentuate the lighting and create a unique profile. 
  • Make a stylish dining area under the pergola: Your outdoor space can be used for numerous purposes like chilling, parties, and even setting an exquisite dining setup. Place a long dining table with candle lights and proper ambient lighting, and the mood will be all set. 
  • Include your pool under your pergola: When you have built your dining area under the pergola, you might even extend it over the pool to provide shade to the pool’s edges. 


These were a few of the many ideas, and you might implement your vision while building up your outdoor space. Premium Home Improvements would help you plan to build up the pergola and outdoor space according to your unique taste.

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