Verandah Renovations To Try In 2023

Verandah Renovations To Try In 2022
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Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

While planning designs for your home, the outdoor spaces were the last on the list and had the least amount allotted from the budget. But the recent pandemic has changed the views about outdoor space. The outdoor space now holds an equal priority as the other portions of the home, and people are spending money on building up verandas to be their comfortable space. 

Here are some tips for you to revamp your front porch or veranda area :

Elevate the style of your front door: Adding a chic front door lifts the front view of your home and makes it more appealing. There are various Adelaide verandah styles of doors that have a period-appropriate kind or are more on the modern and contemporary side of styles. Select the door that complements your house’s style and go for it. 

If you don’t want to change the door, you might consider giving a fresh coat of paint to your outside door or the entire veranda. Put a statement colour on your front door that will stand out.

 Also, you might even consider changing the hardware with a new doorknob which can add to the vibe you want to build. 

Add Railings to your porch: Railings are not only a structural component, but they can add an aesthetic sense to your Adelaide verandahs. If you have them already, you might consider revamping them by adding some fairy lights or a coat of white paint to give a sleek and clean finished look. 

  • Decorate your outdoor spaces with different elements: Here is a suggestion of some aspects that you can add to elevate your space –
  • Wooden elements: Wood is a versatile element, and it can be furnished or refurnished in several manners. You can incorporate wooden doors, columns, shutters, and furniture into your veranda.
  • Woven decor items: You can get creative with different materials and colours while decorating your porch area with woven accents. There are also other materials like cane, jute, and wicker that are popular choices. It doesn’t necessarily need to be furniture; you can add woven rugs, wall hangings, and outdoor dinnerware to add a twist. 
  • Adding elements of green: It is a wrong concept that you need to have ample space to add greenery to your outdoor spaces. You can choose plants that grow in pots and not outside. Also, you can select flowering vines and hanging plants. You can also use fake grass creatively to beautify your porch area. Green is soothing to our eyes, so this addition is a must. 
  • Usage of multi-purpose furniture and decor: Versatile furniture is a good investment as it can serve dual purposes both in interior spaces and outside verandah areas. Apart from that, they also help save storage if you have a small verandah area. 
  • Building a technologically adept veranda: The outside area is a space to chill, but it doesn’t mean this space can’t have entertainment. The evolving technology has made it more accessible in outdoor spaces. So you can add speakers, tv, and other devices. 


!These are some ideas that you can try out if you plan to remodel your porch area. If you need help figuring out your style,  Traditional Verandahs & Carports will provide you with all the necessary assistance to build your veranda.

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