Team Building Activities for Finance Departments


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Meta: In the world of finance, it is important to always work as a team and be prepared for every obstacle. If a group of people works in the same office every day together, it is important to keep them interested in what is going on and grow their relationships. This will help their better performance in the office, which is, in its way, cool because if the team is working together, then the results are ten times higher.

Working in the sphere of finances may seem easy, but it mostly takes a lot of time, effort, and nerves. Also, as in any other workplace, it requires having the motivation and being inspired by the job you do. And for completing that, you surely need to create a friendly atmosphere where your staff members are ready to help one another in every situation. There are many companies that can be a great business model to look at. Therefore, in this article, you will find various interesting team-building activities that you may need in the future for developing a healthy environment in your office. Here are some of the topics covered in the essay:

  • How to find motivation for your finance team members? Several tips that may help to raise your employee’s motivation
  • Inspiring your coworkers is the first step to healthy communication!
  • Very easy and fun team-building activities that will boost your team’s communication level!
  • Urban exploring: activity
  • Sheep and shepherd: activity
  • Chinese pictures: activity
  • Virtual murder mystery: activity

How to find motivation for your finance team members?

Giving your employees’ motivation to continue working with you is the best step toward being in a healthy relationship with them and affiliating the program of activities. Well, people are different from one another; that is why creating a team of workers and expecting them to become best friends is highly unrealistic. Moreover, you can try to make their attitude toward one another better. 

As everything starts with motivation, it forms a huge part of our daily life. In your team, if someone is not motivated to work, it will surely have a direct impact on the way others work for you. Therefore, you need to be very attentive to the settings of the employees and start to improve their relationships. 

Although if it seems like your employees are unmotivated, they do not want to properly work, then do not force them to do something. Instead of that, take a moment to look around and understand what has caused the problem.

Here are some of the most common issues that people face in their workplaces and what may make them feel unmotivated from time to time:

  • Missed deadlines
  • No creative ideas
  • Higher levels of absenteeism
  • Low productivity
  • Gossip is rife
  • Lack of commitment to their job 
  • Sometimes several personal problems
  • Pure communication issues
  • A not very healthy attitude toward their coworkers.

Identifying the problem is the first step to solving them. Therefore, if you already have the reasons that caused issues in your job, it is definitely a great start.

Several tips that may help to raise your employee’s motivation!

Team values should be at the heart of your team. They should value one another and respect the job they are doing.

If you have no clue how to make your team work together, start from the very beginning: for example, study the interests and behaviors of the team members. Then decide what you can do to make them communicate and develop a dialogue based on their interests. 

Another interesting tip is creating a chat in Discourse or choosing a time for a meeting through online scheduling software.

If you are the manager, you are responsible for the staff members. At the same time, you are the one obliged to make your team members interested in the topic and work hard. Of course, it will not be easy because you are the responsible one. But remember, if something is wrong with the communication of the team members, then the content that they are going to create together will not be the best one.

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

  • Encourage healthy communication: Start from very simple things- like having a conversation with them and understanding their concerns and needs. Make them feel that they are heard, and you are always there to help and listen to them. Talk to them in calming settings like a nearby park or while drinking a coffee. In this way, they will feel that their opinion is heard and, of course, valuable.
  • Define office roles helpful rules: Your employees have to know what exactly is their position in the company. And not only as a worker but also as a human being. Pay attention to small details like this!

Simultaneously, staff members should also know the exact roles of the other workers. This will help to create a collaborative atmosphere in the company and give them a chance to ask for help from the one who knows something better than they do.

  • And finally, arrange team building activities: It would be better to conduct these meetings away from the office, somewhere the employees can feel that they are in a more free and friendly atmosphere.

This kind of meeting will surely help them to get together very well and learn about each other’s interests and grow together as one team. It is highly recommended to do this kind of meetings more than twice a year and change the setting every time while using the event booking plugin.

Very easy and fun team-building activities that will boost your team’s communication level!

As we started to talk about team-building activities, here are several interesting activities that will definitely help your team members to learn more about one another. And for a day, forget about digital marketing strategies or other work-related stuff. Just relax.

1: Urban exploring

This activity is mainly made for discovering people’s favorite places in this plant; at the same time, this is a great way that will help to find a new topic of discussion with every cart.

In the game, there is an online scoreboard that will help to build competition between the arranged teams. There is also a place where you can take photos and add them to a board with actions you did. This is a great way to make memories with your coworkers by playing a game.

2: Sheep and shepherd

Here is another simple and interesting game that tries to test your communication skills and, of course, your sense of direction in unexpected situations.

So the game starts when you appoint two shepherds from the arranged teams and then blindfold everyone else in the room. 

The blindfolded ones are the sheep, and they need to go back into their pen, but only the shepherd can help them to find it. The team which gets the most sheep in the pen in the short period of time- wins. I know that now it may sound simple, but when you start playing the game, you will realize how hard and loaded this game is.

Yes, work is important, but for a day, just forget about all the plans like that; you should find an online finance teacher, fund new products, make an agenda, Forget all those things and for a moment and enjoy the games.

3: Chinese pictures

So for playing this game, you need to team up again. With starting a new game, you can actually change the team members. So in every round, different people will play together and not the same teams all over again.

So, after all the participants have teams, you choose someone and show him\her an image. Then they should describe the image to their neighbor. At the same time, the last person should draw on the board what she\he heard. 

There are no winners or losers. This game is just created to make everyone happy.

4: Virtual murder mystery 

This one is the most interesting and intriguing activity.

So… there’s been a murder! And the ones solving the mystery. And for doing that, you need to collect a team who will help you to look at the suspect and analyze all the evidence.

Actually, this is exactly where you need to have teamwork. If you work coherently together, you will win, but if something is wrong with the team, then there is no way to make it to the end.

To sum up…

In the world of finance, it is important to always work as a team and be prepared for every obstacle. If a group of people works in the same office every day together, it is important to keep them interested in what is going on and grow their relationships.

Team-building activities or agency tools form a huge part of developing a relationship between coworkers. That is because those activities are what show what kind of interest they have and test their team working abilities.

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