What is Microsoft Azure and what is it used for?


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What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible platform that allows you to create, deploy, scale, andT infrastructure capabilities are rapidly expanded by the unlimited resources of the public cloud.

What is Microsoft Azure used for?

For small organizations and IT startups, Microsoft Azure provides an opportunity to reduce infrastructure costs, deploy new applications in a short time, and provide access to them. Large companies that already have a large-scale on-premises infrastructure for their own business application development and maintenance department can also take advantage of Microsoft Azure by moving some tasks and applications to the cloud.

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Microsoft Azure usage scenarios

Data collection and processing.

This scenario solves a problem often encountered in companies working with both customers and partners and/or having a large number of employees who spend the bulk of their time away from the office. Another option in which this scenario may be relevant is the collection and processing of data from any device.

Secured storage.

Many companies are looking for a cost-effective, practical solution that enables cloud file storage with the ability to control access to individual files by groups or individuals. Such solutions increase employee productivity, ensure on-time decision-making, and significantly reduce the time it takes to provide access to data. Microsoft Azure can be used to automatically create backups, archives, SQL Server databases up to 100TB in size, as well as to restore them; the supported access level and reliability SLA for this is 99.95%.

Data storage and archivation.

Microsoft Azure Storage has been successful in reducing archivation and storage costs. Running costs can include creating and maintaining file storage that requires backups and ensuring its reliability, availability, and fault tolerance. 

Deployment of a test environment (SQL Server, SharePoint).

Microsoft Azure can be used to create test environments for SQL Server and SharePoint deployments. Essentially, you can deploy a workable prototype system in the shortest possible time and get everything you need to make an informed decision.

IT Infrastructure expansion.

The Microsoft Azure platform can be used to expand your corporate IT infrastructure by dynamically managing resource allocations to increase the capacity of your data center or remote branch office. Thus, you can combine new cloud services and storage in Microsoft Azure with existing enterprise services and systems.

Big data storage and processing.

Microsoft Azure provides all the necessary services to meet the challenges of big data processing. The sources of such data may include:

  • internal data (CRM, loyalty programs, profiles, purchase history, support calls, etc.)
  • external data (geography, demographic data, etc.).
  • devices data (telemetry, GPS, NFC, ATMs).
  • data from social networks (ratings and reviews, forums, questions/answers, etc.).

The task of data collection and post-processing may require a large number of both computational resources and resources for storing input and processed data. In this case, Microsoft Azure provides everything necessary for fast implementation of the scenario.

Hybrid Services.

Moving some of your business infrastructures to the Microsoft Azure cloud is the way to lower your cost of ownership. Also, additional capacity from Microsoft Azure can quickly expand the performance of existing infrastructures. New cloud services and storage in Microsoft Azure can be combined with existing enterprise services and systems. Virtual machines can be moved from your data center to Microsoft Azure and back again.

Configuring and customizing Azure can be a hell of a task. So in order to use Microsoft Azure in the right way and get the most of it – a good idea would be to get Azure consulting services.

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