Five Crucial Driving Tips Parents Must Teach Their Teenagers

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Getting a drivers’ license is every teenager’s dream. But, it can make the parents a little more than worried. That is because there are plenty of reports of motor vehicle crashes involving teenagers in San Jose every year, most of which show that the young kids were overspeeding or not wearing a seatbelt. Immaturity, impatience, unawareness of driving tips, and lack of driving skills cloud their judgment and response to unexpected hazardous situations. But, as a parent, you should send them for specialized training to gain the expertise instead of just keeping the car keys to yourself and know about the best driving tips and trikes.

Here is what you need to teach them before they get behind the wheel –

Explain the Danger of Distracted Driving

There is no doubt that cell phones and Ipads are huge distractions for teens. And during driving, they are much more dangerous. Multitasking is not something teens should try out on the roads driving. Accidents happen when least expected and, those moments where they tried making a quick call or text may have them wrecking their vehicle. Texting and driving are actual enemies. It is better to show them to move safely to the side of the road, stop, and take a call.

Train Them for Slow Accelerating

Your teenage kids can be super excited to have their feet on the gas pedal the first time. So, it is essential to ask them not to slam on it and exercise self-control, especially on the traffic light signal as it turns green. Get them to practice how to go to a slow roll from a complete halt and gradually increase pressure on the accelerator. This will reduce their anxiousness and also ensure better performance of your car engine.

 Discuss All the Road Rules

You need to help your kids develop a comprehensive understanding of all the road rules, signs, signals, and markings. You must motivate them to feel confident in their driving abilities but not overconfident. Tell them the road rules and disciplines are there for a reason, so they need to comply with those over their adrenaline pushes. Getting them into the habit of using a seat belt is the number one safety rule you should tell them to follow.

Do Not Allow Cruise Control

If your teenage child has already obtained a license and is driving you and the family down the highway, you better turn off the cruise control when it rains. Roads can be very slippery when wet, and having the cruise control on can cause the wheel to slip and lose control over the car. It can be a great feature to enjoy for your kid in stable weather, though.

Encourage Them to Join A Driving School

To attain the most complex skills in life like driving, you have to get your kids undergo some sort of training. Enrolling them in a reputable driving education program reduces their likelihood of accidents and traffic tickets. It teaches driving etiquette and the laws of the state. And since the driving school experience includes several hours of practical training behind the wheels, it increases their confidence in handling unexpected road situations.

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