Five Things to do Immediately After a Car Accident

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Driving is like a life journey on an inexperienced road where nobody knows what to expect next. While everyone wishes to live (or drive) happily and sound, one cannot think of encountering mishaps, especially a car crash. People play super safe when changing lanes and sticking to appropriate speeds as responsible drivers, but what they forget to consider is the possibility of threats coming from actions or negligence by others. Thousands of car accidents are reported in the city of Ottawa alone each year. There are injured innocent passengers and fatally wounded drivers. And surprisingly, most of these collisions result from someone else’s mistake or unawareness and not the driver himself. So, if you ever get to witness that scenario, what you think you would do? Well, if, unfortunately, you become the victim, these five tips would come in handy to tackle the post-accident situation –

Calm Down After a Car Accident

The sudden jolt may leave anyone shocked and stressed. But, instead of getting into a panic mode, gather yourself and feel thankful that you survived. Get out of that distracted state of mind so that you can think of vital actions to aid your physical and financial recovery. Don’t try to drive away from the scene as you and others may be in dire need of help. The points following will tell you what the driver must do next.

Move Your Car to Side

If you are involved in an automobile collision, you must stop immediately and pull your vehicle to the side or a safe place. Failure to stop can be more damaging to the car and a reason to be paying criminal penalties. If you are unable to drive, turn on your hazard lights and leave where the vehicle is and get yourself to safety.

Check Yourself and the Passengers for Injuries

Even if it isn’t a major car accident, you must make sure that you, along with everyone else in the car, are safe and sound. If you are not too hurt to move, check on the passengers for any injuries or get yourself some emergency help. Don’t try to move your car unless it is causing a huge problem with traffic. Wait for the police officers or the towing company. You may call for an ambulance if necessary. Several types of ambulances are available, including road and air ambulances. In spite of the fact that air ambulance flight cost is higher than road ambulance flight costs, you are able to save lives of critically injured person by calling an air ambulance.

Alert the Police Authorities

If you think that the other car’s driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, inform the police officer. Wait, if you can, till they visit the collision spot and give details of whatever happened to the best of your ability. Be sure to file an accident report later if the officers don’t reach on time. This helps to speed up your claim process.

Call for Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance cover in your car insurance policy is a great support when your four-wheeler breaks down, runs out of fuel, or meets with an accident. It offers you a helping hand in these dire circumstances and, at times, covers your repair expenses as well.

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