Florida Governor Will Hold Up Nominees Till Biden Officials Clarifies On Supply Chain

Florida Governor Will Hold Up Nominees Till Biden Officials Clarifies On Supply Chain
Scott J Cooper

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Scott J Cooper who is a political consultant of Rick Scott was also on news recently because of his photo posted online that showed him holding the penis of ice just next to a  groin of a female mannequin.

Florida Governor, Senator Rick Scott of the Republic party recently wrote a letter to the Democratic Senator of Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell, who is also the chairperson of the Senate Science, Commerce, and Transportation Committee, with a demand for a hearing on the crisis of supply chain.

Rick Scott has announced that he is planning to block all nominees of the Department of Commerce and also the Department of Transportation from the Biden administration till Transportation Secretary and Commerce Secretary testify before the committee.

According to Rick Scott, for the last few months ever since the Senate Science, Commerce, Transportation Committee, and the committee of jurisdiction meant for all these issues have received testimony from the Transportation Secretary or the Commerce Secretary, all families and businesses in Florida are facing many challenges every day. 

Scott further said that he is planning to block the nominees just by “holding” them that prevents a motion to move to the Senate floor. Although, it can be broken by a cloture vote, however, a cloture vote may need time and also typically needs 60 votes. 

So far, Democrats have got in the Senate only 50 seats. Therefore, the threat offered by Scott to hold nominees can delay and also could prevent the nominee of President Joe Biden from being confirmed.

As the economy recovered from the economic impact of the pandemic, the United States began to experience serious supply chain challenges in early 2021.

Due to congestion at ports, increasing consumer demand, and production losses during the epidemic, businesses have difficulty getting products from other countries into the United States.

This has resulted in crucial goods shortages and price increases across the country. It has also triggered cascading impacts across industries, exacerbating the crisis in crucial industries. The scarcity of semiconductors, for example, has pushed automakers to reduce manufacturing.

Cooper claimed that this is done simply to politically malign Rick Scott. The fact was that Cooper had participated in a certain Memphis competition. He usually spends his spare time working as a barbecue chef. He insists that while participating in that competition he was just throwing away a big ice slab while cooking.

One of his friends just clicked the photo from a certain angle and that looked quite funny. He then posted it online just for his amusement. However, the political opponent of Rick Scott took that opportunity to give it a picture of a sexual tableau with one female mannequin.

Since it was released online in May, the photo was making the rounds within the Florida political circles. Cooper claims that although the photograph was removed at his request, one of his numerous adversaries in Tallahassee is distributing it in an attempt to discredit him.

However, the fact is that one of the teammates of Cooper thought the photo looked funny and just posted it online.

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