Tips for getting more followers on Instagram

Tips for getting more followers on Instagram

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How to get more followers when starting a new Instagram profile?

1. Follow Instagram Rules: Many out there just want to get more followers on Instagram and Instagram is aware of that. And also the tactics used to get more followers.

What does Instagram want? Instagram wants real users (not bots) who build their followers in a real way, which makes the platform attractive to businesses. You will also amaze to learn that now you can also buy Instagram Followers to get the best out of your investment and boost your organic reach.

Therefore, it is important that you stay up to date with the latest updates (policies) on Instagram.

For example, it has been announced that Instagram is now actively against using third-party apps. Therefore, apps that like, comment on or automatically follow other accounts.

Users who use these apps/bots to get more followers on Instagram should use it carefully ;).

2. Choose a catchy and unique name: The first thing you need in a catchy username. Where people immediately know what they are dealing with and what they stand for.

Make sure your name is your name or describe what you’re doing, especially if you’re starting with your Instagram account. The clearer the better.

It also determines what content you post to your profile and how quickly you can gain followers on Instagram. It’s faster in some niches than others.

It’s also easier to get more followers on Instagram. As all you need is to find a good service provider and buy real Instagram Followers to make a difference among your competition.

3. Focus on 2-3 topics on your profile: When selecting a photo, you should keep an eye on the thematic focus of your profile.

Therefore, it makes little sense to post in a sports profile if the focus of the profile is dealing with cars.

4. Optimize your profile: Your Instagram profile is crucial for the first impression. Do you want to get Followers on Instagram but you don’t have a clear profile?

Then you will have a hard time gaining more followers. It’s important that your Instagram profile is attractive and clearly structured. The clearer it is, the more Instagram followers you will have.

5. Use a meaningful profile picture: The correct profile picture and your clear description are important to getting more followers on Instagram. Other than Instagram, you can also buy Facebook Likes to build your visibility on all major social media channels.

It should be a photo of you (on private accounts) or your logo on company accounts so that other users will recognize your account immediately.

6. Complete your biography: Don’t forget to specify your website in your Instagram profile. Alternatively, you can also link to a published blog article or your own product.

You can also embed an affiliate link in the site field. In the biography, you must specify what other users expect from your profile.

There you can also leave your location or a special hashtag.

7. Optimize your photos: Instagram is a visual platform and therefore images and content are very good.

Better photos will result in more Instagram followers.

8. Have a uniform design: It is important to adapt the design to your theme / niche. In addition, Instagram offers a wide selection of editing options. Make sure less is sometimes more.

Many Instagram users can already see if a filter has been used or not. The more serious your profile, the less notable filters you should use.

Try what suits you and your brand and get on with it. After a while, you’ll see that you have more followers engaged on Instagram simply by noticing the amount of likes.

Simple strategies for more followers that you can implement right away.

9. Comment and appreciate your target audience’s posts: Find other Instagram profiles that are also in your niche.

Go to them, comment and like their posts, thus building a relationship and therefore attracting attention.

Your audience will also visit your profile and find you interesting. You already have your next follower.

10. Follow and Unfollow: You can also use the Follow and Unfollow function to get more followers on Instagram. Make sure that:

  • Select the hashtags your target audience will use
  • Follow small profiles that are similar to yours. The reason is simple: Small profiles are more likely to help you. This will make you have more contacts and can exchange post shares. Another advantage is that when these Instagram accounts grow, it will be on the list of people they follow and when others follow them, then they will recommend your Instagram profile and you can also get new Instagram followers. Always think long term about growing your followers.

Also, if these profiles become popular along with their amount of likes, comments and views on your Instagram posts, more people will be reached.

Also getting a better ranking on Instagram algorithm.

Keep in mind that in the first few days of your Instagram profile you won’t be following more than 50 people a day and a maximum of 160 after a few months.

After following a few hundred similar accounts, stop following after 2-3 days. Focus on the people who care about your content.

To find and get new Instagram followers, look for an Instagram profile with 100,000 followers or more that suits your niche or theme.

Check out their latest posts and find out who commented there. Do this on your last 3 posts. It’s important that you don’t follow accounts that follow more people than they have followers.

If you can’t find people who have commented on the posts, go to the people who like the post.

Let your Instagram profile grow

11. Interact with the right followers: The next step is to start commenting on others’ photos. As a result, you build relationships with other people and they will follow you.

Of course, it may also be that you often have to comment on a particular person until they get it, but in the end, it’s worth it.

This will give you a new follower and maybe even someone who will actively follow you. Another important thing is that you REALLY respond to comments or likes on your photos.

As a result, you establish a relationship with your Instagram followers, which makes them interact with your photos.

The advantage of this is: Followers see what images this person likes and then look at you.

And so you can get more followers on Instagram. No wonder Instagram is a social network. Behind every profile, behind every like, behind every comment, there is a person (or a bot).