Download Profile Picture and Save Video on Instagram –

Download Profile Picture and Save Video on Instagram –

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Saira Farman

Use to Zoom and Download Instagram Profile Photos, Stories, Videos, Reels, and more Save the best photos and videos to your phone or computer with high quality. is a free website to enlarge and download Instagram profile photos and other media.

Instagram Profile Photo 

Have you ever wanted to see someone’s full-size profile picture on Instagram, but didn’t know how? solves this problem! is a free service that allows anyone to search for an account and view a user’s profile picture in high quality.

For all the features Instagram offers, the site is limited to one important detail (small profile picture). The ability to keep your profile private and use any name as your username limits the information that other users can see about your account. Rather than finding friends and relatives with difficulty, try to make your life easier. You can quickly download and enlarge your full-size profile picture from our website.

Whether you use the InstaZoom app or the website, we can provide you with a great user experience. The website is mobile-friendly and designed to look great on any device. Therefore, you can search for your username on your iPhone or Android to get the same full-size HD Instagram DP.

Instagram has over 1 billion active users, so you can use the advanced search bar to find any account without knowing the exact username.

Why use 

There are multiple reasons why someone wants to download a profile picture using With so many accounts registered on Instagram, finding a friend’s account can be more difficult than you might expect, especially if your profile is set to private. Your account contains only basic information (if the user reveals it), a username that may be similar to other accounts, and a profile picture.

·         If your profile picture contains clues about your identity, even if it’s a small profile view of your face, the picture is the best way to identify the owner of your account. You can flash your photos for hours to find unique details, or search for your username in Instagram DP in seconds to download your photos and get a full-size profile photo right away. If it’s a great photo, you can save it on your mobile phone.

·         If a user gets a follow from an unidentified private account, the user hesitates to follow the account or remove followers if they know their identity. This is another way makes life on social media easier.

·         Whether you want to know who recently submitted a follower request, or want to save your unrequited love profile picture to your phone, allows you to quickly and easily view your full-size profile picture by simply searching for your username.

Final words:

Use to enlarge and download Instagram DP and other media. It is a free tool to use for Instagram zoom-in and out purposes.