Fun Outdoor Games 2023 for Large Groups: Different Specular Ideas

Fun outdoor games for large groups

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We grew up playing amazing fun games. And often, we find ourselves reminiscing about those fun times and wishing we could get them back. So we could enjoy that much over little things. You’ll learn about fun outdoor games for large groups in this article.
We live in a time where we are surrounded by screens all the time, during work or break-time scrolling through social media. Social gatherings are one thing that we should try to keep screens less. But you must have seen the invasion of technology there too. And if you are hosting an event, you would want to keep your guest entertained and interacting. What better way than some old classic games and some modified new ones?

Some fun outdoor games for large groups:

Seven stones/ Lagori:

This is one of the oldest and most popular games in India. The group must be divided into two groups, the seeker and the hitters. A member of the seekers throws a ball at a pile of seven stones. The seekers need to restack the stones without getting hit by the ball hit by the hitters.
Requirement- Seven flat stones (can be bought online or collected from around)


Most of you must have played tag at least once as kids, and maybe you call it something else. The reason it is so popular is the simplicity of the game.
To play this game, more than two players are required (the more, the merrier); one child is mutually chosen as “it,” who chases others to tag them (by tapping on the shoulder or hand). The player tagged becomes the “it” now, tags others, and so on.

Chain Attack:

This is one of the top-rated games in India, and it is similar to tag. To play Chain attack, one player must be chosen as “Denner” (in some places, the “it” is called a denner) and run to chase other players and tag them; the tagged player now holds a hand with it and chases the others, and the third person is tagged then they also hold hands to form a chain. It is continued till the last person in the group is caught.

Monkey in the Middle:

There are many versions of this game, one of the simplified versions. Two teams play catch and throw a ball in a way to avoid losing the ball to one player in the middle who belongs to none of the teams and is called the monkey. If the monkey catches the ball, the one who throws the ball becomes the new monkey. And in another version, there is a group of people in the middle, and two players play catch and throw. So avoid losing the ball to the group in the middle.

Kick the Can:

This is an exciting game that both adults and children can play.
One person is designated as the “it” who place a can in the center of the field and waits for a decided amount of time. Till then, the rest of the players hide. Then the “it” tries to spot the hidden players while keeping an eye on the can. If an untagged player kicks the can, they start all over.

Dodge ball:

This game requires a massive group of people. For this game, the people hold hands and stand in a circle. In the center of the circle, three people are trying to dodge a ball that the group of people around them is aiming at them. Suppose the ball touches one of the players in the circle. They interchange positions with the player who threw the ball.

Music chair:

This is a popular game at parties and most social gatherings. So this is how it goes, one person plays the music, and the others run around a set of chairs. The set has one fewer chair than the number of players. When the music is paused, everyone except one person is seated. The player not seated is considered out.


To play this game, the group must mutually decide on one person to be “it,” who is blindfolded and tags others. If there is an obstacle, other players must say “danger.” This game should be played in smaller and safer surrounding only.

Pass the Current:

Suppose you are looking for a game that doesn’t involve much running. And it would help if you tried this.
One ‘it’ is chosen, and the rest of the players should be seated in a circle holding their hands (on their laps which must be visible by the ‘it’). The’ it’ then says, “current pass from A person to B person,” then the players have to pass the current from person A to B through hand signaling via the people in the middle using gestures like tapping and pinching while still holding hand avoiding the ‘it’ from seeing if the ‘it’ catches a moment you are tagged.

Hide and Seek:

Another one of the classic children’s games.
Here is how it is played, one child is chosen as the seeker and waits for a brief time with his eyes closed to give everyone time to hide. And then, the seeker finds the hidden players one by one and the player found first then becomes the seeker in the second round.


This is a fun outdoor game that many teenagers are crazy about. But why not play with your friends defining your own rules? No one is going to play in the world cup. Then what stops you from having some fun?
Divide your group into two teams, decide the area-wise halves for each team, and set up a goalpost (they don’t have to be actual goalposts). Each team will pass the ball to the other and try to aim the ball toward the goalpost in the opposite team’s area. And the team with the supreme goal wins.


And with that, we conclude our list of fun outdoor games for large groups; we hope our recommendations were helpful. As a child, I personally never played a game without introducing a new twist or modifying it. We suggest you try your own rules and experiment with our specular list.

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How do you play heads-up with a large group?

In a nutshell, you get a group of people together, load up the app, select a category, and then hold your iPhone (or iPad) up to your forehead. From there, you’ve got 60 seconds where a word will appear on the screen, everyone else shouts clues, and you try to guess it.

What is meant by outdoor games?

An athletic game that is played outdoors. An athletic game involving athletic activity.