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Training Visa Subclass 407 is an Australian visa in Australia that allows you to undergo occupational training or for professional development in Australia.407 training visa grants the right to the applicant to go for training to improve and enhance their skill. This training also allows us to meet occupational registration as well as licensing requirements. Visa subclass 407 allows you to stay for 2 years. You can apply for a Visa 407 online. It’s not necessary to be in Australia while applying for this visa. You can apply whether being in Australia as well as outside Australia. If you wish then you can also include your family member in your application.

Eligibility Criteria For Visa 407

The Eligibility Criteria For 407 Visa are as follows-

  • The applicant applying for this visa must genuinely intent to stay temporarily in Australia for a genuine purpose.
  • Must know english language
  • Must hold a private healthcare insurance
  • Must meet health as well as character requirements
  • Age has to be more than 18 years, not less than that.
  • Your visa won’t be approved if you don’t have an approved sponsorship by a temporary activity

Occupational; Trainees Requirements for Subclass 407

The applicant must have a nomination by the sponsor to get the right to do the following activities in Australia

  • The applicant must have to obtain registration, membership, or a license to work in Australia.
  • The applicant must have the experience, qualified in the 407 training visa occupation list.
  • The applicant must have study experience, employment in the Subclass 407 occupation list recently.
  • The applicant must have at least 12 months of experience and work as a full time in that occupation.
  • Have 6 months of practical experience research and observation to obtain overseas qualifications.

Important FAQs For Training Visa Subclass 407

How Long You Can Stay With 407 training visa?

As, Training Visa Subclass 407 is a temporary visa and not a permanent visa, So you can stay in Australia for up to 2 years. You can leave Australia and reenter till your visa is valid.

Can I Stay Longer With a 407 visa?

No, You cannot stay in Australia. You cannot extend your stay in Australia with Subclass 407.

Can I Include Family While Applying For 407 training visa?

Yes, You can include your family member while applying for 407 training visa.

Is Subsequent Entrants Applicable?

Yes, Subsequent Entrants is applicable while applying for Subclass 407

Cost For 407 training visa

As per Immi Home Affairs, 407 training visa costs AUD310 from the main applicant.

The charge is free for the applicants family member applying for 407 visa with them.

There is a chance for you to pay for health checks police certificates and biometrics.

Apply From

In order to apply for Subclass 407, you can be in Australia as well as outside Australia.

Processing Time For Training Visa Subclass 407

Your Subclass 407 might take longer if

  • You do not fill the application properly
  • You don’t include all the required document need to be submitted.

Visa Label

Your 407 visa will be digitally linked to your passport. You will get your visa label in your passport.


You can travel outside Australia and return as well as many time you can till your visa is valid

Your obligations for Subclass 407

You and your family member coming with you have to obey all the laws, rules and regulations while being in Australia.

Changing Sponsors

If you wish to change the organization while living in Australia, you will must be sponsored by that organization. The organization must submit a  nomination for you.

If your nomination is accepted, you can go ahead with your organization training with that organization for the remaining period of time left with your visa.

You cannot apply for another visa if you wish to do so. As long as you continue your training with training 407 visa, you cannot apply for another visa.

It is possible any when your training program is changed.

Financial Requirements For Training Visa Subclass 407

You need to provide evidence and prove of your financial capacity to bare the expenses of yourself as well as your family member accompanying with you in Australia

Health And Character Requirements For Visa Subclass 407

The applicant and the family member have to

  • Pursue a medical examination within 12 months of your visa issue.
  • Have a police clearance from each country (you and your family member) from each country where you have lived for 12 months or more than that in the past 10 years.

Health Insurance

You and the member who is applying for 407 visa with you have to apply for Australia’s national health scheme

Debts to the Australian Government

You must be free from any outstanding debts before you apply for the visa to the Australian government.

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A great opportunity for career growth

Australia is one of the most sought-after destinations for people looking to further their careers. With its robust economy, vibrant culture, and strong education system, it offers a wealth of opportunities for professional development and growth. One of the best ways to take advantage of these opportunities is by getting yourself trained in Australia through the Visa 407 program.

Visa 407 allows individuals to come to Australia and gain practical experience in their field of work. This program is designed for individuals who want to improve their skills and knowledge in their chosen profession. Whether you’re looking to gain experience in a new industry, learn from experienced professionals, or explore new opportunities, the Visa 407 is the perfect option for you.

To be eligible for Visa 407, you must be sponsored by an approved sponsor and have the relevant qualifications and experience for the training program you wish to undertake. Once approved, you will have the chance to work in your field, gain practical experience, and develop valuable industry connections.

So if you’re looking for a unique opportunity to take your career to the next level, consider getting yourself trained in Australia with Visa 407. With its world-class training facilities, diverse range of industries, and a supportive community, Australia is the perfect place to pursue your professional goals. So why wait? Start your journey today and get yourself trained in Australia with Visa 407!

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