Gojek Clone App: Critical features, benefits and revenue streams in the business

Gojek Clone App

Last Updated on January 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

It would be appropriate to term the Gojek clone app as an innovative move as significant as the Uber app. It redefined the on-demand services market previously shaped by Uber. It is an on-demand multi-service app that redefined the sector as it offered essential services that people require in their day-to-day lives. The application not only benefited the users, it also helped freelancers to boost their revenue significantly. If you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur with plans to develop an app like Gojek, this article is for you. Let’s begin with discussing the features that should go into your on-demand multi-services app like Gojek.

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Features that you shouldn’t miss on your Gojek clone app:

            The intuitive features offered by Gojek app significantly increased their popularity in the market. Their features were user-centric that dived into the lives of people to make things easier. If you are building an app like Gojek, ensure that the following features go into your app. Incorporating these features will guarantee a win in the market and steady profits in the long run.

Easy registration process:

            Since people will use your app to get their essential services done faster, they will not prefer a long registration process. Enable your users to register their account by entering their phone number or email address. You can also consider integrating social media plugins in the app to ease the process as they can directly login with their Facebook or Google accounts.

Licensed source code:

            Getting a licensed source code can provide you with multiple advantages. You can ensure the best user experience as you will have unlimited customization options. You can adhere to the dynamic requirements of your target customers by modifying the app from time-to-time.

Real-time location tracking feature:

            Real-time location plays a significant role in on-demand service apps as it helps both parties to track their orders, freelance delivery executives, cabs, etc.

Get a white labeled app:

            Ensure that your development team offers a white labelled clone  for maximum benefits. It also enables you to seamlessly integrate your brand elements and logo in every page of the app.

Responsive design:

Ensure that your app has a responsive design and is supported across multiple mobile platforms to get maximum user engagement.

Multiple payment methods:

            Availability of multiple payment methods like credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, PayPal, etc., will make transactions easier.

Push notifications:

            Push notifications can be an effective way to keep users informed about the new services, offers, deals, promotions, discounts, updates, etc.

Multi-lingual support:

            Integrating multiple languages in your platform ensures ease of usability to a wide range of visitors. It can increase the reputation of your brand and user engagement.

Benefits offered by Gojek clone app for entrepreneurs:

Easy to manage:

            The admin can effortlessly overlook the business operations with the dynamic dashboard. They can also access the revenue generated in each service and can monitor every stakeholder on the platform individually. They can also view the number of customers, reviews, ratings, queries, etc., in each segment on the app. The admin panel will be developed with a minimalistic approach to offer a simple layout for efficient management.

Boost your revenue:

 Entrepreneurs have more options to generate revenue as Gojek clone app is a multiservices app. Instead of launching multiple apps, Gojek can offer every essential service on their app.

Lesser hassles:

            Every app will require maintenance to improve its functioning. It becomes easier in the Gojek app as it offers multiple on-demand services under a single roof. Entrepreneurs can easily handle a massive number of users effortlessly and can manage multiple services seamlessly.

Revenue streams in the on-demand services business:

Commission fee from service provider:

            Your Gojek clone app can also serve as a platform for the merchants to sell their products/services. You can charge a commission fee for every product sold on the platform. The fee can be directly deducted from the customer’s payment and will vary based on several factors.

Commission fee from freelance drivers:

            This type of commission fee can be charged only from certain types of services such as ride-hailing, car pooling, etc. You can charge a commission fee from the drivers for the trip they provide from the app. Since there is no cap on earnings, the freelance drivers can work in their preferred timings and entrepreneurs can have a regular stream of income.

Service charges from the customers:

            Entrepreneurs can charge a nominal fee from the customers on various basis. These service charges will be clearly mentioned in the bill and the process will be entirely transparent. The entrepreneurs can also charge late night/peak hour charges, delivery fee, and more.

In a nutshell:

            Gojek is a one-stop destination for people to get on-demand services. If you are planning on getting into this sector, getting a Gojek clone script will be the ideal solution. With the unlimited customization options available, integrating exclusive features will not be a hassle anymore. You can outrun your rivas in the market effortlessly and attract more customers to your platform.

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