5 of the Best Graduate Recruitment Agencies in London Every Student should Know!

Graduate Recruitment Agencies in London

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If you are a graduate student living in London and if you are looking for the best graduate schemes London, then we have good news for you. In this article, we will tell you about 5 of the best graduate recruitment agencies in London which provide some of the best graduate schemes. So, let’s get started!

1. Kingsgate Recruitment

By the time they reach their fourteenth year in business, they will have placed more than 9,000 people in positions ranging from permanent to temporary to contract. In a short period of time, they have established themselves as one of South West London’s most notable Recruitment Partners, working with a diverse range of clients and applicants.

The businesses to which they provide workers are diverse, ranging from global giants to SME’s to some of the most interesting start-ups in the United Kingdom. Kingsgate was founded with the goal of shaking up the market. Their company’s ideals are founded on the provision of a completely transparent recruitment service. Because they believe in honesty and integrity, they will inform you immediately if they are unable to assist you with a hiring decision or place you in a suitable position.

The product – candidates – is at the heart of Kingsgate’s business strategy. They guarantee that they will meet with each and every candidate prior to conducting an interview, allowing them to maintain complete control over the quality of their candidates. It also means that they are able to explain their positions in depth to candidates and provide a truly personal service, which is something they believe is lacking in today’s employment marketplace.

2. Investigo

When it comes to their candidates, clients, and team, they think that what they do can make a significant difference. In the ultimate recruitment business, where the right people in the right seats, doing the right things, make all the difference, they collaborate with people who share their values. In a business where unique selling propositions (USPs) are frequently discussed, the only USP they can point to is their people. 

Their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm contribute to the ability to differentiate themselves from competitors in the recruitment industry. Because what they do isn’t particularly distinctive, the manner in which they accomplish it must distinguish themselves from the competition.

Because of their willingness to engage with new clients as well as the pride and fulfilment of required requirements that comes from working with existing clients, they have experienced year-on-year growth since founding in 2003. Every action they take is motivated by their desire to build relationships. Candidate candidates today become client candidates tomorrow, and vice versa! It is because of this belief in the significance of connections that Investigo have grown to have a turnover of more than £140 million and a very high proportion of repeat business.

3. IT Graduate Recruitment

The aspirations and challenges faced by each graduate are unique, and they take the time to work with them on a personal level in order to develop an effective strategy for achieving those aspirations and challenges. In order to accomplish this, they collaborate with businesses across the information technology sector, ranging from small-scale start-ups to huge corporations with well-known brands.

Ultimately, they believe that the most comprehensive grasp of the task at hand yields the finest outcomes. For the best possible service, they attempt to identify their candidates’ primary motivating factors, talents, and ambitions, and then match them with a set of goals and opportunities inside one of their exciting client roles, drawing on their unrivalled professional knowledge of the IT sector.

4. Give A Grad A Go

They’ve been nominated for a lot of important accolades throughout the course of the years. Their team of skilled Recruiting Consultants and Resourcers works tirelessly to constantly enhance and polish the services they provide for both graduates and employers, ensuring that they maintain their position as the leading graduate recruitment agency in the United Kingdom year after year.

In 2020, Give A Grad A Go broadened the range of charities that it supports to include more than 100 organizations. Additionally, they have been organizing and participating in webinars for students and young professionals who work with WhizzKids in addition to their support. 

Their first webinar will cover CV and interview techniques, and the second webinar will include Luke Davis, a partner and co-founder of Diversifying, as a guest speaker. Working with such a significant organisation that helps disadvantaged children live a life without boundaries is a pleasure for Give A Grad A Go.

5. NST Graduate

NST Graduate is among the specialist graduate recruitment agencies in London & helps in developing, implementing, and monitoring graduate sales programs in growing firms in the United Kingdom and abroad.

They do bespoke projects for their clients, evaluating a variety of characteristics as well as personality traits in order to locate the most qualified candidates. They, as well as their parent firm, NST Recruitment, are affiliated with the top young media organization in the United Kingdom.

With continued growth, NST Graduate is actively seeking bright graduates to join their ever-expanding team here in the Teddington headquarters. They offer a comprehensive package of perks and foster an environment that is both ambitious and progressive in the workplace. They even allow pets on the premises! Aside from that, don’t forget about the away days and beverages; they’re a friendly bunch!

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