4 Great Food Merchandise Tips That Work

4 Great Food Merchandise Tips That Work

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Did you know that there are more than 60,000 grocery stores nationwide? From small, local stores to massive grocery store chains, these stores are essential to feeding the masses.

But a lot of stores means a lot of competition. Most consumers have a wide variety of options when choosing a grocery store. And once they get inside your store, they have thousands of products competing for their attention.

So how can you boost your customers by improving your food merchandise displays? By mastering food merchandising, you can attract more customers to your store and encourage more sales of the products you want to sell.

Keep reading below for four important food merchandising tips to get you started. 

1. Use Bright Lights for Your Food Merchandise

To make food merchandising displays attractive to the eye and the stomach, you need to install proper lighting. Just think about big-name grocery stores. Next to the cash register are well-lit, bright candy displays to encourage last-minute impulse buys.

Lighting is very effective at selling food products and drawing attention to your most important products. 

2. Set Out Prepared Food

The best retailers know that ingredients don’t sell; prepared food sells. You need to set out your products in the most attractive way possible. And for many retail environments, the best food merchandising techniques are setting out finished products.

Starbucks does those by filling their sandwich case with prepared sandwiches. They have to sacrifice one of each of their products to best show them to their customers, encouraging a higher number of sales by doing so. 

3. Don’t Clutter Your Displays

When setting up your food displays, whether it’s a stand of baked goods near the entrance or your meat case in the deli, it’s tempting to try cramming every possible product on the display.

But doing so is a bad idea. Cluttered displays are unattractive. Too many products on a display will overwhelm customers and encourage them to keep walking.

Rather, keep it simple by just displaying the most important products. Keep the display simple and organized. For your deli case, use proper meat case dividers to create a clean and clear-cut division for your products. 

4. Samples and Cross Merchandise

Another great food merchandising strategy is helping customers envision the meals that they can create by using certain products. Free samples of prepared food go a long way to stimulate taste buds.

Often, when customers try samples, they ask how to make the food themselves. If you tell them how easy it is to replicate what you’ve done, they’ll buy in a heartbeat.

It also helps to include cross-merchandising opportunities. If you’re selling brats, for example, keep high-quality buns, mustard, and pickles nearby to make it easy for your customers to grab everything at once. 

Keep Experimenting With New Techniques

Using food merchandise techniques is both a science and an art. There’s no single, perfect solution.

The best retailers are constantly trying new techniques to boost sales of their best and most profitable products. Those who are always willing to experiment and try new things are those who will win the merchandise battle more often.

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