RAIN is known as Great Tasting and Long Lasting Canned Drinking Water


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Have you ever thought that drinking water could cause you harm? We have always read and listened to the benefits of drinking water however, to achieve those benefits some requirements need to be fulfilled such as water should be clean, it should be properly filtered, BPA-free, etc.

And how do you know which branded canned drinking water company offers this. The answer is RAIN. The water brand is not only famous for its pure spring water but also famous for its Aluminum bottles which have contributed a lot when it comes to making the Earth cleaner and greener.

1. RAIN 

Founded in 2018, RAIN is known for its great-tasting and long-lasting canned water. It has a lot of pros from which the most important are the steps and initiatives taken by RAIN to end the use of plastic bottles and our reliance upon them. Plastic is damaging the environment continuously as it only has a 9% recycling ratio. Plastic is being dumped in millions and billions of tons from the day it was first invented which has affected human life and aquatic life as well. RAIN has been using aluminum cans since its first day and now they are recycling 100% of the aluminum that was produced.

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2. Beneficial

RAIN water has eliminated the BPA toxicants from its aluminum bottled water. When the idea of first introducing water in aluminum bottles approached the people the first major issue, they were facing was the involvement of BPA in aluminum bottles. Thus, aluminum bottles were discontinued by a lot of companies in 2015.

Although if you wonder about what BPA is.

BPA is bisphenol A and if it is taken in a high quantity, it can also cause infertility.


Since aluminum is more thermal conductive it has a higher chance of keeping the content inside the bottle colder for a longer time. This is mostly beneficial for people who are often involved in physical activities such as going to the gym or playing sports etc.

However, for better elaboration consider the following example:

Water in an aluminum bottle would stay colder for more than 24 hours whereas water in an average plastic bottle would start gaining temperature within 4 to 5 hours maximum because of its medium the process through which RAIN supplies us pure water is all within underground sources.

Responsibly RAIN themselves claim that there are underground aquifers that collect electrolytes and then purify the water underground and no mechanical energy is involved with water so its minerals would be protected. RAIN water is also alkaline balanced as it will keep you hydrated and healthy all the time which makes it one of the best choices among all the other canned drinking water companies.

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