Your Effective Guide To Calculating Pain And Suffering Damages

Your Effective Guide To Calculating Pain And Suffering Damages
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There are many instances when an individual suffers injury caused by the negligence of someone else. This could be anything from a car accident to a slip and fall scenario. In such cases, one has the option to pursue compensation from the party at fault for the pain and suffering damages caused to them Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

All you need is a strong Atlanta personal injury lawyer and proof supporting your financial losses so you can claim the damage to rebuilding your life. However, not many people are aware of these rights resulting in them being cheated by the party at fault. Hence to ensure this never happens to you, let’s try and understand pain and suffering damages.    

What Exactly Is Pain And Suffering Damage?

Pain and suffering are considered non-economic damage that includes both emotional and physical suffering endured by the victim. This can further include everything from trauma, pain, and even anguish suffered by the victim. 

Further, when one uses the term “damages’ in this context, it refers to the sum of money that the victim can claim in a lawsuit for the suffering caused to them. In general, these damages have to be paid by the person who inflicted the injury, be it for intentional or unintentional reasons.

How To Prove My Pain And Suffering?

When it comes to any legal proceedings, evidence always plays a key role. Therefore, even in case of pain and suffering, one must make sure to document the evidence supporting the pain and suffering caused to them. In general, these shreds of evidence could include:

Medical evidence 

  • Notes from professionals such as therapists, doctors, and mental health experts
  • Opinion of the experts in written and documentation in the field related to the personal injury that can be testified against the pain and suffering.


A personal documentation of the pain, which could be anything from journals or diaries

All in all, the more evidence one can provide in the courtroom, the better are the chances of convincing the jury, judges, and even the insurance company about the adverse effects of pain and suffering caused to the victim. However, this is not always easy, and your Atlanta personal injury lawyer might even have to ask your friends and family members to testify in court.            

Once the case reaches the trial, every detail will be accounted for, including the rate of pain on the scale of one to ten. Therefore, it is always better, to be honest in such cases; otherwise, even the slightest negligence could cost you the lawsuit and even worse.

How Much Money Can One Get For Their Pain And Suffering?

To ensure that one gets the full amount of pain and suffering damage, the case must reach trial. If the case fails to reach the trial, then damages, including both non-economic and economic, will be limited to the coverage limits of an insurance policy of the victim.     

In Conclusion

This is more or less all that you need to know about pain and suffering damages. However, if you need more details on the subject or a lawyer to represent you in the court, reach out to the finest Atlanta personal injury lawyer

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