A Guide to Build a Fast Electric Skateboard at Home

Electric Skateboard

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People now like to do things on their own. Purchasing a pre-assembled skateboard can necessitate many more than making your own. Some people like skateboarding very much, but can’t buy one because it is not reasonable. When you build your skateboard, chances are you won’t get the best of finishing as a skateboard lover. Here we will discuss a complete guide on making the fastest electric skateboard at home very swiftly. So, ensure you read the entire article.

Steps to Build a fast Electric Skateboard at Home

Step 1: Manage your skateboard materials

The tools you need before you can build your skateboard are:

  • Two pairs of skateboard wheels
  • A couple of skateboards reverse kingpin trucks
  • Eight pieces of skateboard bearings
  • 6-7 layers of Maple timber/ plywood/ solid timber (30*10 cm2)
  • Eight bolts and a set of nuts
  • Grip tape for the deck
  • Two sets of riser pads
  • Esc
  • Glue
  • Battery
  • Dual hub motor
  • Drill machine
  • Paint

The deck

A deck of electric skateboards is essential to look for on any e-board, so you should choose the best material for your deck. A longboard deck is preferred because it provides more stability, a smoother ride and more space to balance on an electric skateboard.

The electric skateboard deck should be slightly flexed and top-mounted instead of a drop-through truck to give more space under the electronics enclosure and engine. Use maple wood or Canadian wood with fibreglass coverage to make your deck and stronger.

Wheels and trucks

Wheels and trucks are specific things to decide in advance. First, look at the purpose of creating this board. A good choice for any purpose electric skateboard is large wheels with plastic hubs. You can go for aluminium wheels and rubber tires.

Step 3: Manage all the electric drive

The motor

Motors come in all shapes and sizes, so you should check out a hobby shop or hobby part website. You are looking for a brush-less out-runner motor with a kV rating of 170 to 245 and 1500 to 3000 watts. The wattage of a rotating ball is how much power your engine will have; the more watts are usually always good. My 230kV 2500watt motor is quite beef, and it is enough to build a single drive.


Now you necessitate an electronic system controller for your e-skateboard. An Esc can assist you in managing your drive using a remote controller. You can’t just rely on motor trials. You have to restrain your riding. To obtain a better idea about standard Esc, you have to verify online.

The battery

Batteries are an essential component of your electric skateboard. Most people prefer lithium-polymer batteries for their skateboards cause Li-Po batteries are excellent for electric skateboards.

Step 4: Assemble your skateboard.

After getting your deck, you have to construct the skateboard. To get a better idea, you can use an old board to drill your holes for the truck. It would help if you made holes in your skateboard when you cut the shape of your deck. Put an old board on top of the custom deck and sign the entire spot using a pencil. After this, drill the holes using a drill machine.

Install the trucks properly. Make sure the trucks are centralized. You will need to drill a total of 8 holes. Assemble the trucks in the centre and place all the wheels on your vehicle. After you install the wheel and truck pair, you necessitate checking the wheelbase and concavity.

Step 5: Build the enclosure.

You have to create the enclosure. It will hold your expensive and electronic components such as motors, Esc and batteries safe from the edge. The chamber requires to be tight and straightforward to maintain. Airflow is also another vital part of the enclosure. It will ever assist you in getting the best riding adventure. You can utilize metal on your enclosure so that it lingers as hard as hellfire.


We hope this guide will help you get a better idea for making an electric skateboard at home. If you follow this guide to build an electric skateboard, you can run 50 km/h on a flat surface very efficiently.

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