Hacks and tricks to keep pests away – A guide for first-time homeowners

Hacks and tricks to keep pests away - A guide for first-time homeowners

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If you’ve recently bought a new property, you should leave no stone unturned to keep a safe distance from pests like spiders, cockroaches, termites, and ants. They not only carry infectious germs but also damage your home. Soon after knowing this, you’d feel like booking the best pest control services like Pointe Pest Control but before you rush in, you need to know that there are several DIY tricks that you can try out. 

In order to ward off all kinds of pests, here are a few pest control tips that you can try out in order to keep your house free from diseases. 

The kitchen should be kept clean and tidy

By now, we all know that pests basically thrive in damp and dirty places. Being a new homeowner, if you’re more focused on averting pest infestation, make sure the racks, kitchen counters, tabletops, stove-tops are all clean. In case there are particles of food lying there, they will lure more insects. Even after pest control, cleaning is important to make sure your house doesn’t get infested any further. 

Don’t let water stand at a place for a long time

Did you know that mosquitoes prefer breeding in places that are filled with stagnant water? So, you need to make sure that the area near your house is clean and there are no overflowing drains that can serve as the breeding ground for mosquito-borne diseases like malaria and dengue. When there are buckets in your bathroom that are not being used, make sure they’re dry.

Try not to make your home attractive

Remember that pests usually come to your home in search of water, food, and shelter. When you have to keep pests away from your home, you have to let go of the 3 aforementioned attractants. Repair all leaky pipes and faucets, don’t let water bowls and pet food stay out overnight, get rid of junk, and declutter your home as much as possible. Ditch the cardboard boxes and use plastic storage bins. 

Keep up your garden

If you have a garden or a lawn, fill in the pits or holes whenever water accumulates. Do you have a water fountain in your garden or a pond in your home area? If yes, you should clean it regularly. Take out time to prune out plants on a daily basis and stay away from bushy growths. Keep your garden clean and neat if you don’t want the entry of unwanted pests like rats, mosquitoes, and ants. 

Dump things that you no longer require

This is yet another important pest control tip that you need to follow. In case you have unused boxes lying all over the house, toys that are not being used by your children, and unread magazines, eliminate them as soon as possible. These unused items are the hot spots for germs and insects. 

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the DIY pest control techniques, try them out before you book a professional pest control service.

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