Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters to Keep Bariatric People Lives Active

    Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters to Keep Bariatric People Lives Active

    Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

    Can you avoid health issues with increasing age? The answer is No. The health issues are bound to affect our social, mental and physical life at one point in time in life. For instance, limited mobility is one of the most common problems faced by seniors. The problem becomes worse if they are already suffering from health conditions such as chronic tendonitis and osteoarthritis. A limited mobility person cannot enjoy simple pleasures of life like walking and thus, starts feeling isolated. Thankfully, heavy duty mobility scooters are there to take care of their active lifestyles.

    Portable or mobility scooters are designed for seniors and people suffering from mobility issues to enjoy their freedom. These scooters hold a weight of up to 350 lbs. But the only problem with these scooters is a bariatric user cannot drive them due to higher weight constraints. For them, heavy duty scooter makes an ideal choice.

    Advantages of Using Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

    These scooters are larger and heavier in size and thus considered ideal to drive by bariatric users. They have wider seats and powerful batteries for smooth and safe driving. With weight capacities of up to 700 lbs, these scooters are more powerful, durable and versatile than standard portable scooters. Another benefit is these scooters are all-terrain scooters. Thus, a user can drive them comfortably outdoors and even on rugged or uneven surfaces. Thus, prefer purchasing or taking these scooters on rent if you really enjoy an active lifestyle and limited mobility issues are stopping you.

    How to Select the Scooter?

    With so many makes and models available in the marketplace, it is not an easy task to choose one model out of many. Moreover, many companies have launched highly durable mobility scooters in the marketplace. Therefore, the first thing you need to determine is a manufacturer or company. Once you finalize the manufacturer, start looking for other factors. These factors are as follows:

    1. Consider the weight of the scooter. The average weight holding capacities of heavy duty mobility scooters are 400-500 lbs. Some models even support weight up to 700 lbs. Prefer choosing the weight of scooter minimum of 50 lbs more than your body weight to get immaculate performance on road.
    • If you are really tall along with bariatric, invest money in models that come with a tall seat’s height. This will give you plenty of leg space while driving and you feel even comfortable also.
    • Intended use is another factor to consider. Some scooters are meant for indoor use while others are all-terrain scooters. It is easy to guess that the former models are inexpensive than the latter one. So, if you want to travel indoors only, purchase heavy duty mobility scooters with indoor usage else go with all-terrain scooters.

    Precautions with Heavy-Duty Models

    There are some important precautions necessary to follow with heavy duty models. These precautions are as follows:

    1. Heavy duty scooters are bulky; therefore you cannot store them in small spaces. They require extra space than standard models for storage.
    2. Second, you can plan a short trip to the nearest supermarket or grocery store on these scooters.  But going outdoors with friends and family is a herculean task as these scooters are not transport-friendly.
    • Always park your scooter in a shaded area so that they do not get wet due to rain or any other factor.
    • Last but not the least, charge the scooter’s battery to the fullest while going outdoors.

    So, simply keep these important points in consideration and purchase your travel companion-heavy duty mobility scooters. You can easily find some of the best models in Pride Mobility that too in an affordable price range. Simply check out the collection and make a purchase!