Here’s How Hospital Visits Are Going To Change

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Amidst the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, stepping out to address the healthcare needs or to visit hospitals have become a hazardous and challenging task altogether.

But there is no pause in the occurrence of life-threatening diseases like a heart attack or chronic conditions involving cancer, diabetes, etc. There will be cases of pregnancy or appendicitis or any other health conditions associated with the hospital-based interventions every other day.

Therefore, hospitals are trying hard to determine how to make separate arrangements for patients with ordinary care and urgent and intensive care requirements. Hospitals across the nations are closing certain services to ensure that people with medical emergencies can still get help in some other ways during the pandemic. 

You can book an online doctor appointment from India’s one of the best hospitals- Max Healthcare- a convenient, secure and time-saving alternative.

How Are Hospital Visits Going To Change?

Hospitals are introducing several necessary changes and COVID protocols imposed as per government regulations that will impact the normalcy but will be helpful for your safety. Visiting hospitals is a legitimate concern considering the current scenario. Hospitals are more infection-prone zones in the current pandemic situation. It is the best option if you only visit hospitals when it is necessary.

You can opt for telephonic consultations or book an online doctor appointmentfor minor or routine health issues and medication advice. The hospital visiting hours are reduced and changing. Only high priority and severe matters should be taken forth and keep necessary precautions in mind as suggested by the government and medical fraternity. 

According to the guidelines stated by the Indian Medical Association-the Hospital Board of India, there is a restriction imposed on non-essential visitors. The exceptional cases include such scenarios where the patient is dealing with a battle of life and death.

It is also mandatory to keep in mind that the visitors should be above 18 years of age or more.

The frontline workers and hospital authorities have highly increased the infection prevention protocols, maintaining social distancing norms, regular temperature checks, hand sanitisation and doubly masked protection.

What Necessary Precautions Can You Take?

Apart from keeping the visiting hours short and necessary, to ensure the safety of yourself and others, you should take the required precautions as follows:

  • It is mandatory to use a mask wherever you go outside.
  • You should avoid bringing any technical devices and things like laptops or handbags to the hospital premises. 
  • It is best to carry credit cards, digital money and some cash which is supposed to be enough. Carrying wallets, excess amounts of money, and wearing watches may not be necessary.
  • It would be great if you cleaned your personal belongings like mobile phones, car keys or bike keys, spectacles with antibacterial solutions on arriving at the hospital, and again when you reach home.
  • Change your hospital clothes once when you reach home.
  • It is usually best to shower when you return from the consultation and immediately wash your clothes or move them aside separately for washing.
  • It is good to maintain a considerable distance from children and elders at home when you come from outside.
  • Carry a hand sanitiser along with maintaining social distancing.
  • If you have weaker immunity, then booking a prior online doctor appointment is the best option rather than visiting a hospital in the first place.

The precautions mentioned above are the necessary changes that correlate with the legitimate question of visiting hospitals during the pandemic.

Booking Online Appointments

Healthcare should be a priority, and hence you should never compromise. Therefore, some easy approaches can save you from visiting hospitals during these challenging times. With a few taps, you can easily access and arrange your appointments with the best doctors from one of the most recognised hospitals- Max Healthcare.

You can check out their website and search for doctors related to your medical emergencies and health conditions. The list of best doctors is available along with their field of specialization.

Max Healthcare provides excellent healthcare and nursing operational services at affordable cost and preventive health checkup plans. You can easily choose your health package by entering your age range and disease. 

All you have to do is enter your details and the requirements like the doctor’s specialty, location and timings to book an online appointment.


Some hospitals are trying to conserve resources and spread awareness on the importance of making only necessary hospital visits during this situation. 

Leading hospitals like Max Healthcare have shortened visitors’ time to focus on the safety of the patients within the hospital premises. They provide medical and nursing services like wound care, catheter insertion and removal, injection, and also removable chemo-port facilities to their patients’ homes.

The medical attendants and expert nurses ensure the safety of the patients by following the protocols issued by WHO (World Health Organization).
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