5 Home Improvement Tips to Prepare for the Winter Season

5 Home Improvement Tips to Prepare for the Winter Season

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Given a choice, not many of us would step forward on Sunday to clear up the leaves and maintain proper gutter hygiene. However, when your home is a significant investment, which admittedly is for most people, keeping it in an immaculate shape becomes indispensable.

Getting the home ready is a tall order for many people, specifically those who have never viewed a furnace and boiler system, much less drained it. Nonetheless, home maintenance doesn’t need to be a stressful and nerve-wracking task.Home follows the lead of a natural arc – functions in all four seasons of the year – revives during the spring and hunkers down during the frosty months.

While dripping icicles and mesmerizing snowfall may form an incredible winter wonderland, they often come with ice dams and, even worse, fallen trees and leaves. Not to mention repairing the cold-weather damage is too costly.

Suppose you wish to snuggle up near the fireplace and drink your favorite cup of cappuccino. In that case, there’s a list of preventive measures and home improvement projects that you must complete to tackle frigid temperatures and the rigors of snowfall.

So, here are a couple of winter home improvement tips to help you and your home prepare for the coldest period of the year:

Dispose of unnecessary items

Although spring cleaning may receive the hype, winters are undoubtedly the perfect season to begin the cleanout. That’s because you probably don’t want to catch cabin fever due to all the mess accumulated in the house.

You most likely wish to spend the colder weather hibernating or curled up near the fireplace. Thus, it gives all the more reasons to begin decluttering. Since you won’t need the kayak and boat – a recreational vehicle you use for summer trips, go for self-storage units. For instance, if you reside in the city located in the east of Texas, Rockwall. In that case, type in Rockwall boat storage and hit search to find the most reputable and reliable storage units in the vicinity.

This way, you can relax easily, knowing your vehicles and other valuable possessions are in a safe and secure place, and you can access them conveniently. Not only this, the extra space in the garage will make the home look spacious. And you can also reap the full benefits of cluttered living space while being comfortable indoors.

Protect the pipes

Even the smallest amount of undrained water in the pipes outdoors can freeze. And the exterior pipes may later explode as soon as the ice begins to melt. To avoid such circumstances, disconnect the hoses from the faucets and let the undrained water flow – this also encompasses emptying the water of the lawn irrigation system.

Once you have ensured all the water gets drained, turn off the master valve inside the home (if your home doesn’t have winter-proofed exterior faucets). This way, you can save a good deal of money rather than spending thousands on replacing the irrigation system and the outdoor pipes.

However, to prepare the indoor pipes for the frosty months and prevent freezing, insulate all the pipes in the unheated sections of the home. These may include the basement, windows, doors, and garage. In this way, you can avoid water shortages and ensure the smooth running of hot water systems.

Assess the condition of windows and doors

Both the doors and windows of your home are the greatest culprits when it comes to heat loss during the chilly months of the winter season. An astonishing amount of energy loss occurs as the temperature decreases. Therefore, as soon as the wintry weather approaches, take all necessary measures to maintain the indoor air.

First, examine the condition of doors and windows and watch for any cracks and gaps. If the windows and doors have been clattering lately, consider it a sign to seal the cracks.One best course of action is to take advantage ofthe door caulk. Likewise, you can use weatherstripping to cover up the gaps in the windows. If the space between the door frames and windows exceeds the breadth of nickel, ensure to apply the exterior caulk.

Weatherproofing the windows and doors alike help prevent drafts and provide a cozy and pleasant atmosphere within the house during winters.Also, with the reduction of air leaks, the HVAC system can operate efficiently to maintain a constant temperature.

Get the outdoor tools ready

Before weather channels forecast an incoming storm, invest in high-quality cold-weather essentials. Bring out the shovel and inspect its working condition. After all, this outdoor equipment can prove beneficial when excavating two feet of snow outside the house and narrow pathways instead of straining your back.

Also, ensure you have the winter broom ready to quickly wipe out the fluffy snow rather than pulling out a shovel every time. That said, invest in a good-quality snow blower, so you don’t only have a shovel to rely on when an intense storm hits the town. If you already have this tool, be sure it survived last year. Otherwise, get in touch with the small-engine repair company and get the equipment fixed.

Clear up the gutters

While the last weeks of fall may have kept you engrossed, in the meantime, debris, grime, and leaves might have gotten stuck in the gutters. Consequently, all the frozen garbage and junk obstruct the path of drainage during the colder months.

The blocked gutters give rise to various winter-weather damage, such as causing ice dams or wrecking the wood trim, roof, and sidings. Not only this, but it also thwarts the working condition of drainage systems and causes water leakage problems inside the house. Therefore, while it’s important to clean out the gutters during the fall season, it’s equally essential, if not more, to keep up with this home improvement chore during the winter.

Make use of high-pressure water to remove the leaves from the gutter surface. However, don’t exert too much pressure that the grime and debris get shoved to the downpipe. Lastly, rinse gutters with a hose to ensure that water flows in the opposite direction, i.e., away from the house.

Final Words

Wintry weather, rainy conditions, and thunderstorms can spell plenty of problems not only indoors but also outside your home. Nevertheless, with a few winter home maintenance projects, you can keep your home in pristine condition. A winter home maintenance checklist helps curtail energy bills, prevent pipe bursts, curb cold weather damages and winter woes, and keep you comfortably warm. Not only this, but a winter-proofed home provides a toasty atmosphere inside the house and makes it easy for you to unwind, knowing the living space is in excellent working condition.So, knuckle down to the home improvement tips mentioned abovetoday so you can loosen up at your humble abode as the temperature drops.

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