Things That Homeowners Should Know Before Going Solar

Things That Homeowners Should Know Before Going Solar
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Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Renewable energy is the future; with the number of fossil fuels reducing and their prices rising, people are being more aware of greener energy sources as they track energy to prevent wastage regularly. Several studies have shown that a house can get fully dependent on solar energy and can even make money by selling excess power to the local distribution center Solar companies Adelaide.

People in developed countries are already shifting to solar, and more solar service-providing companies are coming up to help in this movement. In this article, we will look at the advantages of a solar system and the different components required for the solar panel setup. 

What are the Different Components of a Solar Panel Setup?

If you want to add a solar panel setup, you should have a basic understanding of the components used and the functions of different components. This helps in maintenance and minor repairs in future stages. The main parts which help track energy are as follows, 

  1. Panels – These are the large visible black slabs that are visible above the roof of a solar-powered building. Large photovoltaic cells generate electric voltage when sunlight falls on them. 
  1. Inverter – The thing about solar power is that it produces DC, but home appliances require AC, so the task of the inverter is to convert the DC power into AC power at a rated frequency. 
  1. Rack attachment – This is the metal framework that is screwed upon the roof or in the lawn upon which the solar panels are attached. 
  1. Battery – For the supply of power during the night, energy has to be stored during the day, and the battery does that job. The battery, however, stores DC power. 
  1. Charge Controller – This is responsible for charging and discharging the battery. This also monitors the battery’s charge level and carries out multiple charge cycles while preserving the battery’s health. 

Advantages of Depending on Solar Power:

Following are the reasons why people and companies all over the world are running towards solar energy for their needs, 

  1. Renewable – Sunlight is a free and seemingly infinite energy source; it will be around for several thousands of years and so can be fully relied upon as an alternative to fossil fuels.
  1. Low running costs – The buying and installation costs might be higher, but very low maintenance is required after that. And the amount of savings that it provides pays for the purchase cost within a few years of use. 
  1. Increases property value – Houses already available with a solar system setup go for a higher price than before. People are getting aware of the benefits of renewable energy and are willing to pay more for houses that have that facility. 


Homeowners are finally starting to understand the importance of solar energy and are fitting their homes with solar panels. Solar companies Adelaide are working hard to spread awareness among people and empower them with a greener energy alternative.