How can I pick the best savings account for me?


Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

A savings bank account plays a considerable part in the efficient management of finances. It serves as a secure platform for your funds to not just facilitate your regular banking transactions but even meet your goals spanning up to three years. Choosing the correct bank account is important and discussed here are the crucial factors you as an account seeker must consider for making the best choice.  

MAB or minimum average balance

While earning interest enhances your initial savings money, most bank accounts have a catch, which you must understand. This catch is the MAB that you must maintain in the chosen account. Failing to do so incurs penalties. So, choose an account with an MAB that matches your preference and financial circumstances. This way, you can avoid unnecessary fees while still making the most out of the savings account benefits.

Fees and charges

Holding a savings account may come with distinct expenses for activities such as cash withdrawal, chequebook requests or penalties if your account balance falls below a specific level. To avoid such surprises, make sure you closely look at the fee details of distinct savings bank account types. Ensure to go for the one with minimal charges to make your banking experience budget friendly.

Rate of interest

Opening a savings account is all linked with making your money work harder for you. The interest generated on the funds deposited in the savings account is a major factor in this equation. Different bank variants offer differing interest rates and thus it is important to be aware of every variation. For this, perform in-depth research and zero in on the bank account having a competitive rate. This can maximise your earnings and allow your savings to grow efficiently over time.

Distinct banking services

The ease and convenience of accessing distinct banking services is a pivotal consideration point. Contemporary savings bank accounts come with distinct services involving customer support, online banking, and mobile apps. Evaluating the efficiency and convenience of such services is essential. A seamless experience with features such as net banking or mobile banking not just eases the fund management process but even permits you to monitor and control your money with ease.

Customer service

Good customer service is just like a cherry on the cake. It can convert your banking experience into an amazing one. So, select the financial institution highly known for being prompt and helpful. In the scenario of any concern or question, you know that you can count on the support service, which enhances your overall satisfaction level.

Add-on benefits

Besides the basic benefits and features, some savings bank accounts may offer add-on benefits. Such benefits can range anywhere from insurance cover, cashback, reward points to higher spending and withdrawal limits. Checking the value of such add-on benefits is vital. Factor in how well they line up with your goals as well as your lifestyle. While such benefits may not be the fundamental reason for choosing an account, they enhance the thorough utility of the bank account you zero in.

Ending note

The best savings bank account is the one that aligns with your aspirations, offers satisfactory returns, and endows convenient benefits and features. After you choose an account and initiate the opening process, make sure to periodically assess it to ensure the account continues to meet your evolving needs.