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Glycolic acid

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Depending on the cause, our Skin deal with a lot of damages as well as it reflects your inner emotion and health disorder, the damage occurs due to a lot of factors suddenly or gradually through aging process, which lead your skin to look older and misery than our current age, even your age is on the top of it people doesn’t like to see their face miserable and with wrinkles, anyway you can control the situation easily and speedup the transformation of your skin because our active skin care and good life style can delay the natural aging also prevent different damage of the skin. We can also use different products for this purpose that contain Glycolic acid. Naturally skin damage is because of its highly dehydrated or oily otherwise it’s affected by different external causes like sun exposure, smoking, poor nutrition, stress lack of sleep, etc so it will be wise to take action to avoid those mentioned damages and other we faced challenge, On this point we targeted on how to treat the damaged skin through different risks, let us see a closer look of how can Keep your skin in prime condition. 

Sun exposure it’s a main reason for many skin damage and the risk is scientifically proofed, the excessive ultraviolet rays will remove the elasticity and collagen of your skin which can be the reason for permanent wrinkle and spots, it is advisable to shade your skin via sun block crams and protective glasses, however if the skin is still damaged, you can take some natural and easy measures to treat the skin for example: clean your face with warm water is very important (almost certainly its well Known) but still it should be controlled as your skin type you have to limit your bath also don take too long on rinsing and avoid strong soap it may remove your oil from the skin, after washing gently pat with towel or leave it to dry by itself if your skin type is dry use moisturizer which fits to your skin.

Pollution of the environment this is also the other factor which damage our skin, mainly we can raise the air, dust and chemicals including smoking will be the risk for the skin damage, smoking make your skin to lack of oxygen which is the reason for wrinkle and spots drinking various types of soap also reason for irritation of the skin try to protect your skin from such pollutants as much as possible.

Nutrition using excessive fat, sweets and sugar is seriously reason for acne breakouts; try to avoid such kind of food from our diet instead eat fruit balanced diet drink enough water it will get rid of any toxin from your body system and gives you clean skin in general, Avoid unhealthy diet and drinking enough water, keep moisture of skin, avoid cigarettes and alcohol, is very essential. Alcohol potentially leads to dehydrate, earlier age lines to the skin. Whatever your skin type is your daily skincare routine will bring a change fight for the health of your skin before things get worst.   

On this article we will see some additional helpful component which helps to improve our skin transformation from its damage

What does Glycolic acid for our skin?

Glycolic acid is a very popular treatment for many reasons; it is one of the most widely used AHAs in skincare products and a hair keratin product, with naturally it is made from Sugarcane. Alpha hydroxyl acid /AHA/ consists small molecules to make the skin smoothing, improve the texture and anti-aging. Glycolic acid accelerate the transformation of cell in our skin by removing the dead skin cells rather than does by itself, plus it protect the skin from loose of collagen.

What are the main factors of Glycolic acid?

  • Anti Aging : it improve the tone of the skin by smoothing and removing the wrinkle
  • Hydrating: due to the molecules in it  hydrated and moisturizing the skin
  • Sun Exposure damage: it will prevent the effects of sun exposure wrinkle, sagging, dryness, etc
  • Exfoliation: it will make pores on the scalp by shed the dead skin and help to grow hair
  • Glycolic acid can be brighten the patches the scars left by acne and other damages, protect collagen and remove dead skin cell.

 this acid which has such a great benefit is easily available and inexpensive, however what we should know and care about is compatibility of the product with your skin, of course it is known and proof to be suitable for a lot of skin types, however you need to consider the following, if you are under other skin treatment or if you are using products to exfoliate the skin you need to pause and think how to use it, and not exposing to ultraviolet rays because glycolic acid can make your skin sensitive to the sun. 

The other issue we should to know about glycolic acid is the percentage of the glycolic acid contains on the product, we need to think about it well. The percentage we apply depends on our skin type, some skincare products list the percentage it contains but it will be hard to evaluate without well knowing how much you should apply to your skin, law amount of glycolic acid perhaps not effective the high amount might be disturb your skin so better to consult dermatologist before you start using,

Several skin products has glycolic acid within for instance, Face oil, Skin hydrator, Anti aging moisturizer, Hand and body lotions, Face serum, Face wash, etc commonly glycolic acid is very safe for your skin and works well  to keep your skin safe, glow  and it supports collagen production, and prevent pores blocking   

The other remarkable implication of glycolic acid is on hair products it provides long lasting soothing effect on hair and deep cleaning.

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