How Does Mobile Window Tinting Work? A Brief Guide

Mobile Window Tinting

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Most new cars come with window tinting standards from the factory, but that tint level might not be nearly as dark as you would like. But who wants to spend two to four hours sitting at a body shop getting tint applied?

Fortunately, mobile window tinting saves the day by taking the hassle out of the process and freeing you up to take care of other tasks. You control the timing and avoid encountering a hard sell for other services at a shop. You also open up your options to hire a top-tier service without having to go out of your way to reach them.

Let’s take a look at how the car window tinting process works when you choose to go with a mobile service.

They Come To You

The main benefit here is right in the name – mobile. That means this is a job that can be done pretty much anywhere your car happens to be as long as there is room for them to set up to do the work. This could be your driveway or the parking lot at your office.

When you start looking for “window tint near me”, you might find the shop with the best reputation is inconvenient for you to get to. With mobile service, you don’t have to choose between quality work and a convenient location.

One downside to mobile auto window tinting is the lack of control over the work area, which means less control over dust and cleanliness. Since these are critical to a good application, ask if the service you hire plans to tent the car to keep it clean or if you need to find an enclosed space for them.

Same Benefits

While tinting can make your car look cool, most people add tint to block the sun so it doesn’t heat up the car or fade the interior. A mobile service uses the same tint you’d find at a shop, so you get all the same benefits without the wait time.

If you hire a mobile-only service, you might find the window tint cost to be a little cheaper. However, you want to ensure you’re still getting expert service and advice on things like legal window tint percentages.

Works With Your Schedule

With a mobile service, the appointment times fit your schedule rather than the other way around. That means you can have the work done outside of the normal 9-5 office schedule if that’s what works for you.

You set the time, date, and location for the tinting to be done and can adjust the location if your schedule changes. This allows you to continue your workday or do other tasks while your car gets its new window tint.

Interested in Mobile Window Tinting?

Tinting your car windows keeps out the heat and damaging rays of the sun. Your car keeps its factory-new look longer and doesn’t have to work as hard to cool down in the summer. Mobile window tinting provides the same service you’d get at a body shop without the drive or wait time.

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