How Far in Advance Should I Book a Mover?

How Far in Advance Should I Book a Mover?

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Moving can already be a huge headache. Luckily, when you book a mover, you can leave the packing to the professionals and relieve your stress levels. By being prepared and organizing your moving quotes in advance you can be smart and thrifty when hiring movers. 

Keep reading to know why you need to get a jump start on booking your moving company. 

Why Book a Mover Early? 

Hiring a moving company can drastically reduce your stress and ease the major transition of a move. If you don’t book early enough with a moving company, they may not have available trucks or staff to help you move. 

Moving companies schedules can fill up very quickly. By connecting to a reputable moving company, such as BustNMoves Moving Company, early on you can ensure that you get your move scheduled in advance. 

Locked In Rate

By booking your moving company in advance, you can avoid surge pricing. Typically, prices are directly tied to demand, so they can increase around popular moving times, like summer months or holidays. 

Locking into an “early bird” rate can help you keep the costs of moving low. This is a huge asset in moving, because there are a lot of hidden costs that come later when you transition to a new home. 


If you wait until the last minute to book a mover, you will have to be flexible. By booking in advance, you can rely on a set schedule to ease the transition as you make your own travel plans and checklists for moving

How Much Notice Do Movers Need? 

How much notice you need to provide to movers greatly depends on the distance you are moving and how flexible you and your family can be. All moving companies have different protocols, and a different sized crew and fleet of equipment to accommodate clients. 

If you want to keep your options open and stick to a timeline, here are some rules of thumb for how early you need to set your moving date. 

Local Move

A local move is a much smaller commitment for a company. Not only do they not have to house their crews and run as many inspections on their vehicles. Typically a local move can be completed in a single day or two. 

Even if it is a local move, you want to ensure that you call as soon as you can. Most moving companies can assemble a team for local moves with just a few days notice. 

Long-Distance Move

For a long-distance move, it is recommended that you give a moving company two to three months’ notice. This allows them to ensure that your movers can go ahead and book overnight stays for the moving team, and ensure that they aren’t booked with other moves. 

Off-Shore Move  

For a moving company to handle a long-distance overseas move, it is necessary that they need to get shipping containers and acquire the proper permits. These permits can take a few days or weeks. 

By booking these moves two months in advance, you can ensure that you have access to a shipping container and a moving crew that can make the move carefree. 

Book your Movers Today 

Before you move, you need to assure that you are getting the best service possible. Working in advance to book a mover helps to give you the assurance you are getting a good quote and great service. 

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