How Investing in a SONU Sleep System Can Fix Your Sleep Troubles.

SONU Sleep System

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SONU Sleep, the company responsible for The SONU Sleep System has recently announced that it will be launching in stores throughout 2023. This innovative sleep system is “the world’s first mattress designed for side sleepers,” and while it is currently exclusively available online, due to popular demand and overwhelmingly positive reviews, the team at SONU is excited to make the push into the retail market.

So what makes the SONU different from a traditional mattress? 

According to sleep studies, the typical flat mattress that humans have been using for decades is overdue for an update, as it does not provide the proper support or space needed by the body. The flat design cannot contour to the natural curves and lines of the body, which can cause pressure points and leave areas unsupported.The team at SONU has developed their new product to allow customers, who prefer to sleep on their side, a way to enjoy the benefits of not needing to roll-over to relieve pressure on their arms and shoulders constantly. The goal for the customer is that this unique product will result in higher comfort and sound sleep throughout the night.  

No More Joint Pain

By allowing the spine to align properly, SONU’s design has been shown to relieve the pain that comes with side sleeping on a traditional mattress. The unique way in which it contours to the user’s body helps to keep the pressure off of joints that may otherwise be squashed overnight by the weight of the body against a flat mattress.

Breathe Right

The SONU Sleep System also works to improve breathing, while reducing snoring and fatigue by enabling its users to sleep through the night on their sides, helping to keep otherwise restricted airways open. Sleeping on your back can induce snoring in many people. When lying on your back, the muscles and tissue in the back of your throat can relax and block the airway, making it more difficult to breathe. The vibration of the air passing through the blockage can cause snoring. The SONU makes it easy and comfortable to sleep on your side, relieving that snoring issue in the middle of the night. 

Relief of Chronic Pain

The right mattress can be an important part of relieving chronic pain, and SONU Sleep has been working on this design for years, so that it can accomplish just that. The SONU Sleep System provides the right amount of support, cushioning, and contouring to keep the spine aligned and relieve pressure points. It also helps to reduce tossing and turning that can be caused by discomfort. 

“At SONU Sleep, the voice of our customers is critical to our success,” explains Brad Hall, co-founder of SONU Sleep. “We approach the feedback of our customers with the utmost attention as we design new models and accessories.” As SONU Sleep’s mattress for side sleepers hits retailers in 2023, the company continues to develop new, innovative sleep solutions. 

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