How Is Soap Made?

How Is Soap Made

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It’s important to get clean, no matter what celebrities say. But, how do you get clean properly? And where do your products come from? It’s actually a fascinating answer. Let’s go through and answer the question, how is soap made?

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There are two commonly used processes for making soup. These are the hot process and the cold process. Both processes involve a combination where soap bases are mixed with different chemicals.

The cold process essentially involves mixing the ingredients together and letting them cure. The hot process involves adding heating to the mix to speed the process up. When creating soap at home, you’ll want to mix the ingredients slowly, so that they combine properly. The complete process of creating your own soaps will take several hours, but you can always do it in larger batches to save time and energy.

The original process of making soap involved combining any oil and lye, and heating them up. But, in modern times, we know to do our best to reduce the amount of lye exposed to our skin, since it can be dangerous. Of course, some lye is still required, since it’s the active ingredient that makes soap become soap.

But, what is actually in soap? Well, it involves many different things. Let’s go through your options when you’re buying soap or making your own.

What Chemicals Are in Soap?

Different forms of soaps have different chemicals in them. And, historically, the composition of soaps has varied quite a bit.

Some of the natural ingredients in soap include lavender, coconut oil, aloe vera, corn starch, olive oil, water, almond oil, and vitamin E oil.

Some of the chemical components of soap include various types of dye, sodium benzoate, pH adjusters, sodium laureth sulfate, and other activating chemicals.

So, if you’re thinking about making your own soap, it’s important to carefully consider the ingredients you’re choosing to create a scent that you appreciate without causing any damage to your skin.

You’ll also need specific tools when you choose to make soap. That’s so you know that your soaps are made effectively, and properly. You’ll need a slow cooker, various containers, thermometers, molds to sculpt your soap in the way you want, scales to measure your ingredients and your final product, cutters, knives, and spatulas.

You’ll additionally have to make sure you have the correct personal protective equipment, like safety glasses and gloves, to protect yourself from the resulting fumes.

How Is Soap Made? Now You Know

Clearly, “how is soap made” is more interesting than you might first think! So, when you’re next buying soap, you’ll have some context about how it got to the shelves of your local store.

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