How Should I Prepare for ACCA Strategic Business Leader Exam?

How Should I Prepare for ACCA Strategic Business Leader Exam

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Among all other exams, ACCA Strategic Business Leader stands out because it relies on simulated assessments to test whether a student will contribute to the workplace productively and if yes, then to what extent. ACCA Strategic Business Leader combines technical, ethical, and professional skills and uses these as metrics to measure each individual’s practicality and emotional intelligence in the business realm.

Compared to its counterparts, ACCA Strategic Business Leader is pretty intriguing in its own accord. Mainly, it tests an individual’s ability to respond to the people, particularly those from the finance department. Consequently, on top of technical knowledge, you should also be equipped with appealingly presenting your answers. It is necessary to cite the relevant information, but more importantly, you should be able to make connections where you deem fit.  

Essential Guidelines to Keep in Mind

Traditionally, it is true that each individual has their style of studying. But with an exam that is so distinct, like ACCA Strategic Business Leader, you need to expend the extra elbow grease. Thus, to formulate a personalized approach, you must first understand the syllabus and the exam structure.

The exam structure features a case study as long as 18 pages constrained by a 4-hour time limit. The time duration is longer than what you get for other ACCA exams because of the extensive information included. You need a good 30 to 40 minutes to go through the study, highlight important sections, and analyze the entire content.

On the other hand, the syllabus mainly comprises eight sections on technical knowledge and one on professional. Therefore, all of this must be factored in before you jump into preparation.

Leverage multiple study sources

To do well on the ACCA Strategic Business Leader exam, you’re required to draw insights from your previous papers. At the same time, you need to showcase your analytical skills and prove that you can be a worthy part of all professional environments. Fortunately, you can score well when you refer to different information sources, navigate what you learn, and apply it to mental simulations when needed. From videos and online articles to textbooks, you should be polishing your skills like a professional. This is because, in the real world, actual professionals execute success due to their experiences, and pages don’t solely contribute the latter in a book.

Read technical articles

It’s no secret that every student practice past papers when they study for an exam. But here, you need to devote special attention to the ACCA P1 technical articles. These hold immense importance when it comes to attempting questions professionally. They also familiarize you with the exam format. Besides, give you ample insight on what the examiner is looking for, and increase your writing – or in the case of SBL online – typing speed. You can get the ACCA P1 technical articles from reliable online websites or tuition providers like SKANS eCampus.

Focus on the questions

Unlike other exams, acing SBL online or offline is mainly dependent on how many questions you practice. SBR Past papers are the go-to here. However, you should ensure that you start practicing them as soon as possible. Yes, technical knowledge is essential but so is professionally formulating your answers. Additionally, the more you practice, the better you get to be at mind-mapping. It will ultimately improve retention and save you a lot of time during the exam.

Try group study

Yes, you’ve read that right – group study can actually increase your chances of passing this exam. It is a viable preparation option. You can seek help from your friends to have an in-depth insight into ACCA P1 technical articles. That said, be careful not to distract during the sessions, which will negate the exercise’s purpose. Reserve some time each week to get together and solve complex questions. You’ll notice that as different members of the group pitch in, you’ll be able to adopt different thinking styles. It will help you cover more ground.

Acing ACCA Strategic Business Leader isn’t a piece of cake. You need to put extra effort into attempting the SBL online exam.