How to Become an SEO Strategist 2021

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If you have your website, you want to drive more traffic to increase your revenue. Hiring an SEO strategist or SEO specialist and purchasing SEO tools can help with your goals. However, you need to set aside a large amount of budget to find experts in this field.

It’s okay at first if you are only starting with your website. But if you want to pursue your online career, learning SEO skills can save you from spending thousands of dollars.

In this article, you will learn the step-by-step guide on learning SEO and how to become skilled in that field.

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Research About the SEO Basics

Of course, it is vital to learn about the fundamental knowledge regarding SEO. Once you understand how SEO works and how it affects your audiences, you can continue learning without a problem.

Here are the core components of SEO:

  • The optimized website through the SEO tools and updated techniques
  • The search engine algorithm
  • The user intent or the types of content that your readers want to read

Learning these primary factors will answer your whys and instead of what. When you know why you need to work on SEO, you will know what to do next to your content.

Research About the Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Optimizing your content with SEO means you need to utilize some tools. These are the Google Search Console and Google Analytics. The Google Search Console focuses on the site’s optimization. On the other hand, Google Analytics is more on measurement and reporting of your site’s traffic and ROI.

Know How Search Engine Works

Year after year, the search engine algorithms are changing and improving. So, you need to keep the pace of all these changes. Search engines have these crawlers to analyze and read your content. By then, these crawler bots will make a decision based on your content’s quality and relevancy.

Read, Read, and Read About SEO

Reading breaks ignorance. That means when you continue reading, you will learn more the fundamental knowledge regarding SEO. Read the news, or follow a well-known expert SEO services provider.

Analyze the SERPs or High-Ranking Content

The best way to learn about SEO is to look at the results. Analyze high-ranking websites, and see what strategies they use. Moreover, at the SERPs, you will see what type of content goes into the first page.

Ask these questions: Who is the number one in SERPs? What content do they have? How do they create their content?

The truth is, these high-ranking articles are SEO-optimized. Try one topic, and see articles related to it. Then, analyze how SEO works for them.

Attend Seminars and Workshops

You can sign-up for several workshops to learn more about SEO. If not, there are free or cheap webinars, where you can learn more about this matter. However, it would be best to invest more in high-quality seminars and workshops to get a certificate.

In that way, you can be more expert in your field and become an SEO strategist this 2021.

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