How to Change Ownership of Telecom networks in Pakistan


Last Updated on December 26, 2022 by Adnan Ali

Now, you can change the ownership of any Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor connection in Pakistan easily by following the few steps. If you are going abroad and you want to transfer your telecom connection to another person’s name then this post may be useful for you. People who want to transfer their name SIM card and internet connections to another person can get information by reading this post.

There are many reasons why we have to change our ownership from our name to someone else’s name. To do this you have your original CNIC card, SIM card, another person’s ID card, and CNIC of current SIM Owner. Both parties have to go to any nearby center and transfer the SIM card through biometrics. There are no additional charges to transfer SIM.

How to Change Ownership of Telecom networks Jazz, Zong, Ufone & Telenor

You have to need to know which network SIM you are using is this on your own name registered. If you don’t know such a thing then you can check it by sending an SMS “MNP” to 667. A message will receive on your number with the owner’s name and CNIC number. While changing the SIM card or replacing any SIM your activated packages will remain. Your Zong internet packages can also remain and you can use them easily on your duplicate SIM.

Change Ownership of Jazz SIM

Jazz customers have to need to call 111 to transfer their Jazz SIM to another person’s name. They will collect some information about you and will check the loan. If you have already taken the loan from your network then you will need to return it immediately. JazzCash account will never be changed on other person names. You will need to change or remove the JazzCash account by going to the Jazz office.

To change the ownership of Jazz SIM, you and the other person to whom the SIM is to be transferred will have to visit the Jazz franchise, office. There they will give you a form that you must fill out. After filling it, both of you will be verified by biometrics and in a few minutes, the SIM card will be registered in the other person’s name.

Some companies charge a fee to replace the SIM card owner and do not charge anything. We can’t confirm the fee so you can go to the office and get more information. If the JazzCash account in your name is running on the same SIM, you will need to delete it and register it with your new SIM. Otherwise, the account will continue to run with the other owner. For this, you have to submit a separate application after which your account will be deleted from this SIM within 1 to 7 days.

Zong SIM Ownership Change

It is not so difficult to get this SIM removed in one’s own name and in someone else’s name. To change the ownership of Zong Sim, you must first know its true owner. You can find out by just sending an SMS.

Both parties go to the Zong franchise with their original ID cards. The staff there will ask you for some information which will be for security. Party 2 in whose name the SIM is going to be transferred will be responsible for its profit and loss after taking full control of the SIM account.

If you have an advance balance in your Zong SIM, pay it on time and go to the office so that you do not face many problems there. You can call Zong’s helpline number 222 for more information.

Ufone SIM Ownership Change

Call at 333 on the Ufone helpline or visit Ufone’s nearest franchise or office with the second person whom name SIM is going to transfer. If you have already taken a loan then return it on time so that your application process did not stop.

You can check the current Ufone SIM owner name by installing the Ufone app and dialing *333#. After dialing this code reply with 1 and then again reply with 1. In the last, you have to need to reply it with 0 “Owner Name”. You will get the full name and CNIC number of the owner of this SIM.

The company will verify your ownership by the biometric process so both parties have to go to the Ufone office with the original CNIC or any govt identity card.

Telenor SIM Ownership Change

Telenor is the Pakistani 3rd largest network. If you want to change ownership of Telenor SIM then it is very easy. You have to go nearest Telenor franchise along with your original CNIC and SIM card. Telenor supports Easypaisa mobile account and customers who have Easypaisa account registered on their Telenor SIM will need to deactivate and close their account before transferring the SIM card to someone’s name. Send SMS “MNP” to 667 to check the current SIM owner name and CNIC information for Telenor.

Visit the nearest Telenor franchise and office with your ID card. Company staff will ask you for your Telenor SIM number and you must have your original ID card. If you already have a Call Package on your SIM card then it will not be expired. You can use these all packages on your duplicate SIM.

The person in whose name the Telenor is to be transferred has to go to the franchise along with the identity card of the SIM owner. After biometric verification, your Telenor SIM will be immediately transferred to another person’s name.

If you have an EasyPaisa account open, you can immediately remove it from this SIM number and transfer it to another of your network SIMs. Only 5 SIMs can be registered in each person’s name, so in order to register a SIM in your name, you must first find out the number of SIMs in your name. You can do this by sending your CNIC number to 668. It is free and you will never be charged for sending this message.