How to choose a new boiler? A homeowner’s guide

How to choose a new boiler? A homeowner’s guide

Last Updated on November 7, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

Buying a new boiler and installing it in your home could prove to be a daunting task if you haven’t taken critical installation measures into consideration. Not only will it cost you money, it will also become a source of frustration. This is why investing a little time and effort to research your new boiler can pay off tremendously. 

When going to the market to buy a new boiler, many people expect to see newer versions similar to the one they are trying to replace. Unless they are shopping in a flea market, they are usually presented with contemporary boilers UK options. This is because domestic heating technology has advanced over the last decade. 

If you are sure about the perfect boiler for your home, there are high chances that it will save you time and money using it.Since there are so many options available in the market, here are some pointers that can help you find the right boiler and British gas new boiler cost for your home in the UK.  

Types of boilers:

There are three types of boilers available in the market. These options are sometimes supplemented by advanced technology and electronics that improve their convenience. Each of these three types has a specific functionality that makes it ideal for distinct locations. Let’s see which of the three types of boilers you’ll be taking back home.

Conventional boiler

These are the most common old boilers you will find around. A conventional boiler heats up water and stores it in a water tank which keeps the water warm for extended hours. Once you have used up the stored water, you will have to wait until more water is heated and the tank is filled again. 

Owing to the increased water storage capacity, conventional boilers are best suited to large homes having numerous bathrooms and radiators. These boilers are also quite bulky and acquire substantial space to be encased in. Some people have custom cupboards developed for these boilers to keep the hot water tank out of sight. It fulfils their decor desires, but if you are a simple fellow buying a new boiler on a budget, you can skip this cupboard business. 

Conventional boiler

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The next in line are the combi-boilers. They are also known as combination boilers among some nerds. Combi boilers are the most popular boiler choice in the UK. In combi boilers, you don’t get the bulky hot water tank. These boilers heat water straight from your main water supply and route them to your taps and showers. 

One of the best things about these boilers is that you don’t need a shower pump to get hot water in your shower. The combi-boiler uses the main water supply pressure to route water in your shower without requiring a separate pump. You get hot water on demand and you don’t even have to worry about sparing some space for a boiler tank. 

Since combi-boilers secure all components in one unit and don’t require a separate water tank, these boilers are best suited to homes with limited space. If you are living in a studio or 1-bed apartment then this boiler is just for you. There is also a rising popularity of tiny homes and minimalist lifestyles. These combi-boilers are well-suited to people having such unique tastes as well. 

What if you have a 2-bedroom apartment and want to use a combi boiler? With a larger property you will probably require more hot water. Since you don’t want a conventional boiler, you can opt for a storage combi. A funny term as it is, storage combis are typical combi-boilers but with a water storage tank. This way they can store excess heated water and present it to you whenever you need it. 

System boilers

System boilers are much like a mix of combi-storage boilers and conventional boilers. They work by directly transferring hot water into a storage cylinder and other connected radiators in your home. Quite like a combi boiler, the main components of a system boiler are stored in one unit which makes installation and servicing easier. System boilers are suited for 3-bedroom apartments or condos that have two or more bathrooms. 

Ending words

Before you go on to buy a new boiler for your home, consider the different types of boilers and their specific benefits. You must also consider your needs and the hot water requirements of your home. Choose the right boiler and save yourself from unnecessary frustrations.